Chris Brown – Home (Video)

Mechanical Dummy drops a new video chronicling his travels. So poignant. So deep.

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  • swagonmydick

    I feel 2% gayer after watching this.

  • casey sleggies

    although he may be the biggest cornball in music, some of his music is tolerable and jams. this is one of those rare moments

  • Alicia

    So deep that 2dopeboyz actually bothered to post it.
    An my ass was high enough to click it.
    Shame on us both.

  • Truth Be Told

    Mothafuckas be hating they ass off on this website smh LOL!

    Oh well this nigga is mad talented, and at the end of the day i think thats the real reason why ppl hate him...... They confuse Hate with jealousy


    maybe he should have written a confession on his tumblr page, not frank ocean

  • Frank Ocean

    Hang in there Breezy, hating as niggas gonna be on your dick again soon

  • casper wordsmith

    blogs should stop supporting this guy.

  • KNZO

    not a CB fan but this song isn't that bad. kinda wish he turned off the autotune though.

  • ddave

    Heartfelt video Chris.

  • b

    The fact that women still want to be with this piece of shit shows how fucked up society really is. I would have loved for a group of women to beat the shit out of him. He should be bood anywhere he goes, but that doesn't happen.

  • JAyP

    Legit song but I feel he shouldn't need that auto tune shit!


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