Co$$ – She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not (FreEP)

blame it on Shake February 15, 2013

I was supposed to drop this yesterday during Valentine’s Day but got caught up (shit happens… I’m human). Anyways, before he drops his “Black Hockey Players” single with Blu, Planet Asia and Ras Kass, Co$$ delivers a love-themed EP for y’all to vibe with. Stream/download after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Co$$ – She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not EP

  • Tto

    Co$$ > Shake


    Dope. Co$$ is a lyrical monster and has been putting out some very solid projects for years. And he’s never really gotten the proper recognition he deserves IMO – I hope he keeps with it.

  • downloading

    I’ve really liked most of what Co$$ has done recently. Hoping this lives up to expectations.

    Tto: wtf man? why you raggin’ on Shake? the people on fuckin 2dopeboyz … its crazy. You da man shake, fuck the haters.

  • Bongwater

    i checked this out yesterday and it was way doper than i expected

    some nice shit to vibe out to

  • niiiiiccccccceeeeeee

    niiiiiiiiccccceeeee. i like this tape a lot!

  • Tto

    @downloading…follow along. you might have more insight into my comment if you saw the other Co$$ post from a couple days ago. they posted the tracklist, and then proceeded to forget about the music itself after it came out even though 2dopeboyz is a co-sponsor of the release. don’t be foolish in thinking that you need to have some loyalty or deference for dime a dozen bloggers. i’m in it for the music and the artists, and i pity you and any other fool who relies on shake or meka as their exclusive source for their download links. if you DO rely on them, you miss out on a lot. that is all.

  • moon1483

    New Co$$!! Thats whats up, love from upstate NY. Keep doing your thing homie

  • Cali Grown

    Go ‘head with yo ill ass Coss! So grateful for dude and his music.

    Question: Where does he find these producers!?!? Adding Cohen Beats and Wil Madden to my list of capable producers uncovered through Coss’ material along with: Soul Academy, R Thentic, Fonetik Symbol, J83, Chief, Numonics, ReallyNathan, Zucide, Aime Cain, Erik L, Psymun, plus many more!

    “I steal a few minutes of your time just to recollect
    on past days cause when I think back in retrospect;
    seeing daddy in the coffin had me lost and coughin’
    chasin’ that with chronic just to catch a breath.
    Catch a case; shootin’ up my people with the gage
    or catch the aids; shootin’ dirty needles in my veins.
    It’s madness…..Put it in the air, it turns my grey sky’s purple.”

    Too real. I honestly believe it should be Coss instead of Kendrick Lamar.

    Yo Tto, do you have any recommendations for another Hip Hop blog? Coss and a few other emcees are the only reason I keep visiting this site.

  • cO$$!!!!! illest mc ever shiiiiiiiiiiit

  • Juicy-G

    ^^^^ Yessir! A very promising one.

  • Tto

    @ Cali Grown. i agree 100% with your comment on Co$$ relative to Kendrick. in my opinion there is way more legitimate depth to Co$$’ music.

    as far as other blog recommendations, here are a few and we’ll see if my post survives lol:

    Hip Hop Jazz: boulanger-yanice . blogspot . com/ (they were the first blogs where I noticed this EP posted. may not have actually been THE first though.)
    Beatbox Radio Show: beatboxradioshow . blogspot . com
    Kevin Nottingham . com: kevinnottingham . com (that one is self explanatory but still lol)

    Ill Roots: illroots . com (probably the closest of these sites to a place like this, but they present the music without letting their own attitudes and editorializing get in the way.)

    and just as a general shout out, one of my favorite spots lately has been:

    Ruby Hornet: rubyhornet . com/ (Great Chicago oriented website that also shines the spotlight on quality Hip-Hop from around the nation. They break a lot of extremely good material that sites like these arrive late on, if at all.)

    These are all places where you can get quality content and for the most part you get it without the egos of the blog writers themselves taking center stage. I’ve currently got about 30 hip hop sites in a blog feed on Google Reader, but those I mentioned are good examples of places to look.

  • Cali Grown

    Tto, likewise regarding your statement about Coss’ lyrical depth. His aggressive street though introspective style highly appeals to me. It’s that paradoxical factor plus the insurmountable struggles he describes that amazes me.

    Good looking with the detailed response. I’m going to check ’em out and perhaps come across some new dope substance.

    Always cool to come across a kindred spirit.

  • dopest mc out of la