• jame

    Who in the FUCK can NOPE this? Do your history, idiots.

  • DK

    Dope post but chill Meka every Nigerian claims they´re royalty when they move to the states I´m just saying lol.

  • http://www.mwsiq.com Kaos

    some of us nigerians actually are! lol.. that said fela will always be dope,

  • Bklyn_Knoxville

    Thanks for broadening my horizons.

  • @mukysmalls

    Good for you Emeka. Femi Kuti was at the shrine on Thursday. Brilliant as usual. Thanks for this post. We Nigerians appreciate.

  • t3m

    im related to fela, real talk

  • tobi

    fela is the man. his music will live on..