SpaceGhostPurrp – Red Wine

blame it on Meka February 15, 2013

And to all a good night.

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  • jdz

    That was suprisingly good

  • Mike

    Dude is def biting ASAP Rocky’s whole style…

  • mez

    Or A$AP Rocky stole SGP’s whole style. . .

  • justenjoythisshit

    ^asap is great, but sgp invented this shit.

  • dopexlord

    sgp sucks

    Always strive and prosper

  • malcyvelli

    i like this dudes style but his raps aint cuttin it in the least

  • bkmick

    rocky just does it better. charisma

  • lilrizq

    FYI A$AP Rocky released his first tape in 2011, SPVCXGHXZTPVRRP already had NASA The Mixtape, BLVCKLVND RVDIX 66.6(Debuts the RVIDXR KLVN Hieroglyphics Rocky is biting off of) ,and 3 Lost Tapes compilations 1991-2000. Saying SGP is biting A$AP Rocky’s style is like believing Columbus actually “discovered” America. And just to throw it in, NASA the mixtape’s intro song was called Rare… a term A$AP Rocky uses on a daily basis.


    This comment^. And this rap was better than most by SGP