Saturday Night Sexy: Michelle Game

Twitter: @MichelleGame/Instagram: michellegame

With the NBA All-Star Weekend going down tonight, how the hell us could your Saturday possibly get anymore liver? Of course. Saturday Night Sexy. Super sexy Filipina/British model Michelle Game brings the goods for this week's lovely feature. Hurry to the jump for more of her.

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  • They all could gettit tho

    Women ranked by race/ethnicity imo..

    4.Arab/Middle Easterners
    5.South Asians (Indians etc)

  • bang bang

    looks like her mom drank too much alcohol during her pregnancy. chick looks like she has damn fetal alcohol syndrome!

  • Stay Frosty

    She's messing with Charlie Villanueva? No Eyebrows Villanueva?

    So I got a chance then?



  • FreakO

    @bang bang EXACTLY! you tell them my friend!

    2dopeboyz were's the dick! >:(

  • Sensei

    Pics 7,8,9 FTW.

  • T9FTW

    Why she look just like Lola Monroe?

  • Grizzy

    she's looking beautiful! why ya lame ass niggaz hatin girls always?

  • farrah

    more liver? you can drop the "arrah" brah!

  • smfh

    "2dopeboyz were’s the dick!"

    you niggas get more gay every time I get on this site

  • NesTa

    Latino/a are predominantly Native Americans (/white, etc.) who speak Spanish, they aren't their own shit.


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