• http://www.youtube.com/thepropheshunylp Paul Wheelock

    Soul Khan gon always be dope. Nuff Said.

  • VynilRob

    Don't know the track but lyrically you've made it a classic!

  • doc7114

    it was already a classic

  • Nobody

    Soul Khan is the future president of Earth, and brace is definitely capable of being in that administration.

  • Social Assassin

    All it takes is a roll of the dice or flipped quarter
    For a kid born with the disorder of Chris Dorner
    To inflict horror upon us so switch formulas up
    Or get formal attire ‘cause I expect to live shorter

  • http://marink.biz marink

    THis dope.

  • Numm

    this shit got me nostalgic as fuck and hype too. new fan from dc