• clsmooth

    Damn no love for the south or southeast

  • Mac Dre

    Alright Oxford! They got A$AP coming there March 20, and now Joey in April. I guess being in a rich, preppy, mostly white college doesn't suck all the time hahaha.

  • http://defcise.com Def. Cise

    The PRO's, Zombie's, and UA on tour!? That sounds like a for sure move. Now if I can only make that move out to BMore.

  • Dave

    at least it's fairly cheap & easy to fly around the US. i live in the far north east of Australia & it costs an arm & a leg to get anywhere because we have fuck all competition when it comes to air travel.

  • JCook

    Where would we copp some tickets

  • k0d3z

    Montreal, Ottawa & Hamilton? But no Fucking Toronto, what kind of east coast Canada stoppage is that bullshit

  • F.A.

    @k0d3z WORD!

  • johnnyjohnson

    no fucking toronto? but Hamilton. is this a joke

  • jayjo

    Come to fucking Laaandaaarn!! Australia but no U.K. fuck!

  • alex

    man nobody ever comes to orlando, thats fucked up!

  • illadelph

    niggas really bitchin to come to philly

  • Conor

    About time some fuckin good music comes through to ottawa! Every time someone's on tour they go from TO to MTL

  • Crying Rivers

    Every time someone releases a tour schedule... You get a bunch of fools crying that their city was left out. Rappers don't choose the fucking cities... the promoters/talent buyers at the venues do. Blame the uninterested or cheap ass promoters in your scene.

  • iLL

    AHAHha take dat T.o. :)

  • Black

    NO FL LOVE ...as usual

  • SmashMouthEnt

    Joey BadA$$ will be performing in Toronto in June, thus why a Toronto date was not included on this run. If you want to see the show, Hamilton is a quick drive.

  • kingg

    yeeaah montreal up in this shiiiitt! im definitely going..plus its gonna be 5days before my birthday

  • mez

    Damn this means they wont come to ATL till at least this summer.

  • gemseone

    Seems like everybody forgets about La FLORIDA... cmon now

  • strayacunt

    Yeahh uhh new Zealand aint in Australia bra
    but yeah too dope hes comin through perth ill be 18 by that time! :))

  • http://www.djvoltron.info DJ Voltron

    I would have definitely hoped the tour would come to Atlanta. Its a lot of cats from NY in the south that listen to Joey.

  • Thethought

    He got nearly every major city in socal beside LA. LOL. WTF IS THIS BULLSHIT.