KYLE – Keep It Real (Video)

blame it on Meka February 17, 2013

Directed by Jakob Owens & Nolan Smith

I’m on the fence with this guy, because he comes across as “inspired by Drake/Childish Gambino.” However, this beat is kinda cool, the lyrics aren’t too bad and that white girl in the clip would make Donwill proud.

  • kreelo


  • BigBodyBobby

    This is such an instant classic video and killer beat with a dope up and coming artist. Fresh.

  • Sprosma

    Look, elephant in the room is that it’s too close to Drake be considered anything other than a clone of Drake even though he is talented and song is good.

  • Ruse

    This kid emulated Drake in every aspect. Beat, flow, content, cadence.. Even the fucking bridge is a carbon copy.

    Also, he must’ve said nigga 23 times in that 1st. Anyone who say it that much is overcompensating for something.

    This shit is whack. Pursuing your dream is cool, but have some fucking artistic integrity. This kid is the Drake version of Guerilla Black.

  • Jordan

    “A lot of niggas came up off of a style that I made up
    But if all I hear is me, then who should I be afraid of?”

    “If y’all are what I created then I hate myself”

    You’ll never make it by trying to be someone else. You’ll only be a knockoff.

  • Jordan

    Oh and: “Go ahead, bite my shit, sell half of what I sell, cause it ain’t quite my shit”

    Ain’t nothing like the real thing

  • XI

    ^Can’t have artistic integrity when you’re not an artist.
    This is blatant identity theft; he has no shame LOL.

  • Papa Razzi Miller

    I fuck with It Is different the Beat is Crazy i gotta hear what else he puts out

  • mathis

    i almost think this is meant to be a spoof or a joke. sounds way too much like drake. not gonna get any props off of shit like this

  • RSX

    When I first heard the song, I never thought it would get any actual facetime (my friend found it on hypemachine) because I thought it was a white guy/Italian guido saying nigga.

    Now I see it’s just the most racially ambiguous person of all time. He’s looks like double-suburban Kid Cudi

  • Jay Daniels

    Let’s not act like sounding like Drake is anything new. Everyone sounds like Drake these days, especially on the hooks.

  • Ryuk

    Made it half way through the video and realized he still hadnt said a damn thing. Oh except nigga. He did say that. A lot.

  • Artclasshero

    “They said that I sound like Drake, I don’t” LOOK! I can’t quote lyrics too.
    And ya’ll wildin out over him sounding like Drake, this isn’t KID’s first song. Go listen to his other stuff. It’s refreshing and pretty dope.
    And seriously, Drake don’t even sound like Drake anymore.
    Started From the Bottom? Now who’s HE biting off?

  • Juskwak

    Saw this on wshh and thought ..The voice is drake.. Everything else is childish gambino. But im not so sur thats out of bounds at this point tho. Everybody sounds like pieces of someone else. Game just dropped an album with every song inspired by another artist style ( listen to it again and take note ). And racial ambiguity is what the world is these days. Turn on your local news right now and see there is at least one newscaster that you cannot tell what race they belong to.

    So… Do i want him biting drake/gambino or french montana/waka? It takes some type of base talent to mimic them. Anyone of us can bite chief keef flow! Fuck it.. Let him live… Unless he does a whole project of this.

  • KNZO

    the production is nice……….

  • Miso

    I see the “Drake” aspect, but son is really flowing like Bino out here. If he found his own lane, he’d be straight.

  • The chosen one

    No one hears BIG SEAN?

    Seriously? Thats what i thought right away. I saw no drake or Kudi.

  • HugeDrakefan

    I domt see Drake at all. He looks like Drake x Cudi love child but in terms of music I dont hear Drake in the slightest

  • canadaDRY

    i wish i was even 1/25 black so i could use the n-word repeatedly.

  • comeonnow

    hes dosent sound like drake at all? at all wtf

  • Phantom T

    Yo, he looks like Drake and Kid Cudi, His voice is Drake when singing and Tyga when rapping, His lyrics sound like Big Sean and Tyler the Creator, and His delivery sounds like Childish Gambino…

    This guy is just a clone, but i fucks with it.

    The song is pretty alright, but would need to hear more before making a judgement and predicting this niggas career.

  • david

    this is the worst thing i’ve ever seen in my whole entire life – how dare you post this on the site.