Michael Jordan’s 50 Greatest Plays Of All Time (Video)

blame it on Miss_Peas February 17, 2013

Your favorite athlete took their style from Michael Jordan.

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  • AreYouKiddingMe

    After looking at this shit, I don’t even see how people put Kobe and Lebron in the same league as this dude.

  • Toozleeeee

    Lol Lebron passed this nigga already, pretty much a bitch, Lebron greatest to ever and still do it

  • Jab72284

    @Toozieeeee U can’t be serious

  • QB

    @Tooziee you’re obviously a troll..sit yo ass down.

  • Yatti

    LOL dude said Lebron passed MJ. Show me some highlights that’s similar to MJ. Please, youre probably born in the late 90’s Toozie. I thought the same thing as AreYouKiddingMe

  • Loo

    Unfuckwithable. Forever.

  • MJ THE G.O.A.T. , He put on a show, every game.

  • chef

    people put lebron into the conversation because we’ve never seen someone that is easily a top 3 or 5 player in the league at any position on the floor, offensively and defensively… he’s also 6’8″ 270 lbs and on every given night is the best athlete on the floor, he’s a physical and athletic package we haven’t seen the likes of before… that being said nobody is fuckin with michael… lebron would have to win 5 more championships and a finals mvp in every one of em to be comparable to MJ… even if he ends up with the same statistics as jordan i would still put michael above him because of his impact on the game… sorry for the paragraph..

  • dave chappelle

    Who “Noped” this shit? As a competitor, watching this video gives me chills. Greatest of all time.

  • Danny

    I would’ve laughed so hard if the link in the description directed me to his Wikipedia page.

  • Chicago

    lmao @Danny, that would be hilarious.
    Anyway, I can’t really talk about who’s better because I was born in 91 so I don’t really remember watching Jordan. But, with what Lebron does every night I can’t really imagine a player being “out of his league”. Maybe MJ is better but it’s gotta be close. One of the TNT guys said something before the All-Star game that made sense. “Lebron has attained the level of MJ in the last few seasons but he has to sustain that level of play and win some more before their careers are comparable.” It’s definitely possible for Lebron to be there one day.

  • ;)

    “Your favorite athlete took their style from Michael Jordan.”
    Untrue. The Dream, Magic Johnson, Oscar Robertson, and Pistol Pete played either before or at the same time MJ came onto the scene.

  • kingg

    the only one comparative to Mj is Kobe. Lebron is great no question on that..but look at the stat of kobe and jordan almost the same!

  • t.bigums

    MJ having 2 chains in the dunk contest > 2 Chains the rapper

  • 2412

    Kobe is the closest we will ever get to the GOAT Jordan.


    Bitch nigga Lebron got blocked twice by Mamba today

  • Coop

    ^That must mean he’s better! LOL. A lot of good comments on here though @Chicago.

  • trufax

    This can’t be a human, I tell you.
    MJ is at some other level, I doubt anyone will ever surpass him

  • three

    The way i see it, jordan is the equivalent of jay-z in the hip hop world. both revolutionized their fields and set incredibly high goals for others in their fields. Lebron is like a drake who is undeniably killing shit and is on top in the hip hop world. hip hop has never seen an artist like drake who can sing and rap much like we never saw a player who can play pretty much any position on the court and be dominant. so even is drake sells more records than Jay, you cant say hes better because Jay did it first and maybe without jay drake wouldnt be in the position hes in. same goes with Lebron, if he somehow wins more championships we would still look at jordan as being better because he did it first and set the standard, as well as revolutionize the game and help make the sport of basketball as big as it is. Maybe if he hadnt set the standard then lebron or whoever “surpasses” him wouldnt have done it if it wast for the standard MJ set.

  • brooklyn

    @but who’s better the one who sets the standards or the one who surpasses those standards?…you’re definitely putting jordan on a pedestal by saying that..agree with most of the other things you said though

  • david

    ^Plenty of hip-hop artists rapping and singing before Drake. Mos Def, Devin The Dude and Phonte my 3 favourites just they’re not as ‘pretty’. Lebron’s a great athlete but it’ll be hard work reaching the same heights MJ did

  • brooklyn

    @three, you can’t say nobody would have surpassed mj’s “standards” with out him setting them….if mj didn’t exist, there could still be a player who was that good…the world doesn’t revolve around jordan lol

  • honestly

    First comment said he doesn’t see how people put Kobe or LeBron anywhere near MJ, well…Comparing Kobe’s career highlights..I’d say Kobe’s career is PRETTY DAMN CLOSE.

    I mean seriously, Kobe is a fucking walking mirror-image of Jordan, no doubt.

    Jordan was obviously more athletic and explosive at the rim than Kobe, but Kobe is the better shooter hands down.

  • three

    @brooklyn thats for the people to judge. theres no way to tell. many people say Aaron is better than Bonds that may be because of steroids or whatever but even disregarding all that, there are a lot of people who say Aaron is the true home run king. its a new vs old discussion really. idk im just blurting things out lol
    & to the second post thats why i said maybe. but good point tho

    @david none of those rappers were ever as big as drake is now nor did they make r&b records.

  • yarkjeslrj

    @three: Your kidding right? Phonte has three albums with Nicolay under the name “The Foreign Exchange” where he does nothing but sing. Mos Def’s The New Danger was damn close to an soul or rock album as well. Devin may not have had any records where he just sang, but what about Big Moe (R.I.P.)? He made his career by singing all of his raps and freestyles, and is arguably a legend in the game. Texas is the pioneer of this singing and rapping shit, whether or not the rest of the game wants to admit it. Big Moe, Devin the Dude, Z-Ro, Pimp C, etc., etc. Bone Thugs have also been singing and rapping for years. I love Drake’s music, but him saying that he is the first rapper to successfully combine singing and rapping was the stupidest thing he could have said. There were even popular rappers doing it before him. *coughnellycough*

  • MJ

    I almost cried watching these clips of myself.

  • sam

    i cant believe that there is even a debate if lebron or kobe can compare. simply the best hands down.

  • Yatti

    Im sorry, even if LeBron won 25 championships. He didnt do it on his own. He HAD TO GO TO ANOTHER TEAM JUST TO WIN 1 CHAMPIONSHIP.

    Jordan didn’t. Of course, MJ had help from Steve Kerr, Toni Kukoc, Rodman, and who can forget Pippen. But, JORDAN DIDN’T HAVE TO GO TO ANOTHER TEAM.

    Someone said Kobe is closet to Jordan. Yes, he is. I hate the fucker (Im from Philly for refusing to play for his hometown). He is the closest instead of LeBron BECAUSE Kobe has played longer. In no doubt, LBJ is a beast but the mother fucker can’t win by his self. He needs other superstars.

    SO, do not say Lebron is better than MJ nor is close. Kobe needed Shaq, Jordan did everything on his own. He the fucker that took the last with everyone knowing and still nails it.

  • Yatti


  • three

    @yarkjeslrj you got my point. dont get all technical. none of those artists are currently on top of the game thats why i said drake thats all.

    and NOBODY has ever won a championship by themselves. jordan needed pippen to get past the pistons. NBA finals is the ultimate test of a team. when jordan left the bulls they still were a playoff team. when lbj left the cavs were the worst team in the NBA. its not lebrons fault that cleveland couldnt build a team for him.