WoodysProduce - OutKast Remixed (Album)

OutKast is the greatest duo in music. Ever. Since they are not getting back together anytime soon, I wanted to shed new light on some of my favorite songs and give people some new Kast to bump. Hey @BigBoi, you checking this shit out? - WoodysProduce.

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  • Georgeforman

    you're right about outkast, but UGK gives them a run for their money in a different way than just rhyme and verse.

  • Large Dave

    woody puts out that goodness again and again!

  • http://www.smearcamp.com every OG beat is better

    if it ain't broke don't fix it

  • http://kenzosiraga.tumblr.com KNZO

    i didn't think you could remix outkast but woodysproduce did an excellent job of being creative and unique with this. definitely worth listening to.

  • http://str8outdaden.com J.Good

    I've said it before and I will say it again...Outkast is the greatest rap group ever. With that being said I can always appreciate it when producers recognize the contribution kast have on hip-hop.

  • And 1

    OutKast is the greatest, UGK not even close, sorry.

    Where is the link to the whole mixtape?

  • http://Uptowninfluence.com Frozen Clichès

    Woody's Produces bangers,

  • Jhock420

    If it aint broke dont break it.


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