Astro – Dead Beats & Lazy Lyrics (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka February 18, 2013

The Astronomical Kid finally lets loose his latest project, featuring beats by 9th Wonder, brandUn DeShay, MF DOOM and more. Tracklist, stream and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: Astro – Dead Beats & Lazy Lyrics (Mixtape)

  • Don’t Be Somthing Your Not

    Not really something i would download and listen to but gave it a quick listen and dude is kinda dope just a young kid having fun

  • Don’t Be Somthing Your Not

    Listening again and i’m really digging it and just found out his from the legendary Brownsville, New York. Man these young kids are reppin NY better than the men. Gotta support that shit.

  • anon

    Poor man’s Joey Bada$$?

  • bitch

    totally agree. young voice… however not so bad

  • Young and tough, the kid shines bright and has a promising future. Great tape, real hip hop

  • Boxq81

    cant lie this shit is dope, kid got a good future ahead off him

  • blacka

    he needs to join beastcoast..he’ll take off…

  • DetoxDoesntExist

    Kid is pretty good but I can’t take some of these lyrics seriously when they are coming from a fifteen year old kid.

    • Pmajor

      He’s near 17.

  • Mr. Hip-Hop

    If this was 20 years ago this dood would fit right in.. this sound doesnt make it on mainstream no more though, but dood can spit..thats wassup

  • bigzizzo

    this kid was out way before joey bada$$…i believe he initially came when he was like 12 under the name astronomical kid

  • Truth Siren

    Lil dude is nice on the mic I hope with dudes like Astro and Joey Bada$$ we’re looking at the future of hip hop

  • tropical

    definitely keepin an eye for him in a year or two.

  • Jimmy

    dope shit. hope people don’t sleep on it

  • bambam

    looks like webbie with out the unibrow

  • Crystal

    The kid can spit. I clicked the link because I was curious, but I’m about to go ahead and download this tape now.

  • rico

    Corduroy couch…..the kid got a new fan in me. These are reppin better than the men.

  • beyenesausage

    wait a minute…did he just make a whole tape without cursing?

    (or even dropping the n-bomb)

  • MassAppeal

    Nasty Astro in ya area?

  • Po’

    are y’all really that deaf ? Yo that joint “Flow” is killin 90% of the shits u niggas dick ride. #hATEUNiggas

  • classic

    i don’t like this kid,he should’ve spent more time putting in work into his music than joining american idol..