Juelz Santana – Everything Is Good f. Wiz Khalifa & Bucksy Luciano (Video)

Off Juelz's God Will'n tape.

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    This nigga really is shootin' videos for ERRRthang haaah

  • gt

    the mixtape version is better without that last nigga that i roll ls while walking ass nigga

  • yabitch’smouth

    fuck these guys!

  • Ryan G

    first song ever that i heard the line "i got a teddy bear on my sweater". hahaha that 3rd guy was ass

  • such a good track and a pretty good mixtape overall ! the track with Gotti phone clicking its dope trust me. its good to hear from juelz sanstana agin man hes dope

  • VJ

    This is terrible man. Video looks like homevideo from 2001. Song and video are ignorant as fuck. They seemed list walking around the hotel and restaurant, like they were out of place and shit. Plus, if everything is good, why the hell would you wish that someone would? I'm lost..

  • All the ass made me watch again.

  • Da Gawd

    Ass Ass Ass


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