Machine Gun Kelly – Black Flag (Artwork)

blame it on HD February 18, 2013

MGK announces his upcoming mixtape Black Flag and releases the artwork for it.

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  • T-Luv

    Nice artwork, never understood why people dont like him…

    • D.Hyder

      Cause there fucking haters!

  • milkmedia

    Artwork is a Banksy rip.

  • j

    Why aren’t the names of the visual artists ever named? Whether it be people making album artwork or animations for music videos. They deserve to get some recognition as well, as they contribute to the scene and are trying to break out just like these rappers. Would be nice to see this happen!

  • thedeadpoet

    straight banksy rip off.

  • Isaac

    Nice artwork, but it looks like a Bansky rip off.

  • three

    it makes sence tho bc MGK has a banksy type of mentality. hes very anti this and anti that. but unlike banksy MGK is wants to be seen desperately while banksy doesnt even want to be seen lol kind of interesting. Dope

  • getreal

    anyone realize this is a blatant banksy rip? smh

  • GetOffYourOwnD***

    Do you idiots really think he’s trying to hide that fact?? Are you proud that you probably just barely got up on Banksy in the last year or two by trolling some outrageously hipster site like Hypebeast or something? Give me a break.. Sometimes you people really think you’re a lot smarter than you are. OBVIOUSLY, it’s an homage to Banksy. Thanks for the heads up Captain Obvious.

  • Young Wolf

    Trying to cash in on the recent reformation of two separate incarnations of the band Black Flag. What a joke.

  • milkmedia

    @GetOffYourOwnD***, Thanks for being an expert on my life. Don’t know how I’ve gotten on this many years without you.