So, Lil Wayne Doesn’t Like The Miami Heat. Meanwhile, Water Has Been Confirmed To Still Be Wet. (Video)

blame it on Meka February 18, 2013

There was a bit of a kerfuffle on the Twitter last night about the Weasel of Oz ranting about how he banged Chris Bosh’s wife. So of course the almighty TMZ would have footage of the whole thing. From a guy who recently promised to beat a woman’s vaginal face in like Emmett Till, I can’t say I’m surprised. Rap music: gotta love it, but can’t defend it anymore.

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  • lol

    Drakes like fuuuuuuuuuck. Lebrons gonna be mad at me lmao

  • Schuyler

    ^ LOL.

    Wayne is out of his head man, how can you be that dense that you don’t notice when you’re falling from the top? Trying to get on his ‘Pac shit but that ship has long since sailed.

    This should have been a RAoF. Easily.

  • smh

    Lil Wayne is ignorant.

  • wu

    I’ve never been a Wayne fans cause his shit is wack, but I agree with this. Fuck the Heat!

  • Terry

    Haha u seen how drake turned around, he dont wanna be apart of that lmao.

  • Wayne said Chris Bosh wife taste like “Cinnamon Toast Crunch”, lol

  • StopIt5

    Haha… Drake just got done saying “I’m cash money for life!”..wayne comes out, says his rant… Drake then looks at his boy like…”We gotta get away from these guys” haha

  • Brother Man

    Lmao. The Drake tweets are killing me

  • DK

    Lmao I bet Wayne gets real quiet next time he sees Chris Bosh.

  • PE-K

    He said all of this while in Miami and people went along with it. Damn shame.

  • Jordan

    ^Nah, he was in Houston where the ASW was held

  • Da Spaniard

    lol, chris bosh may be one of the softest dudes in the NBA but he can beat Wayne’s ass in a second

  • qw

    Wayne is actually like pac is more way than you hypocrites think.

    You 2pac fanboys have beeng urging drake to leave YMCMB for years and here you are saying wayne is out of line and drake should distance himself.

    Yet when snoop was in drake’s position and pac was doing exactly what wayne is doing now, yall called a snoop a disloyal coward and a bitch for not being a willing participants in unnecessary bullshit. To this day you 2pac fanboys diss snoops and call him a back friend for not “having pac’s back” through his bullshit against every nigga in the industry. Drake did EXACTLY what snoops did whenever pac was running off at the mouth and being excessively confrontational. Yet here you are giving drake for doing the very same thing you condemned snoop for.

    2pac fans are the biggest hypocrites on the planet.

  • Coop

    2nd comment really sums it up nice.

  • no more birdman on the miami heat baseline???/ :((((((

    wayne was going around saying he the new pac. should of said biggie. “im in that ass while he play against the utah jazz.. my 112 cd blast” definitely gotta do a remix to story to tell.

  • Miamiheatboo

    Wayne is a bitch. He swears he’s a skateboarder, I’ve seen his ass at heat games court side cheering for the heat. And he was denied access to the finals game in okc. So why blame the heat? Nba doesn’t want Wayne’s shenanigans associated with the nba. Well played nba. All miami heat fans will not be supporting Wayne anymore

  • Chicago

    This dude is trash in every way

  • noLoyalties

    lol drake aint no rider, suburban wiggers are not to be trusted

  • $$$

    Immature rappers. Nothing new.

  • Ain’t no Heat fan, but fuck Lil Wayne for making shitty music.

  • gregory kruxx.

    yo wayne has lost it. i respect him for really wanting to skate, but thats about it. everything else these days mannnnn IDK. His music has gotten dramatically worse and worse since the Carter 2. 8 years ago this dude was a beast. 2007 he had more mixtapes than anyone ever. he was a beast. its 2013 and he is nothing but a wasted joke. i really hope his run is up soon. caus he looking real ignorant these days

  • ctwins3644

    Keep waiting for it, this still isn’t rock bottom. Dude still has a ways to fall. I’m done hoping for old wayne, and am 99.9% sure he used to have a ghost writer.

  • kanyesucksdick

    “I can’t say I’m surprised. Rap music: gotta love it, but can’t defend it anymore.”

    so stay true to your words and STOP posting that fucking YMCMB pop shitty garbage on this website, STOP giving those talentless and ignorant pieces of shit fame and attention.

  • hiphop

    in other news, drake buys out his contract and signs with roc-a-fella

    yeah, aubrey brings back the label)