Afeni Shakur to Release 2pac’s “Entire Body of Work”

blame it on Shake February 19, 2013

Now that his estate is being handled by Jampol Artist Management, Pac’s mother vows to release her son’s entire body of work. In a statement to Billboard, Afeni Shakur had the follow to say.

I believe it is our responsibility to make sure that Tupac’s entire body of work is made available for his fans. My son left many incomplete pieces and even more unfinished ideas. Using the blueprints he gave us, I am committed to fulfilling this duty.

Hopefully, whenever they do decided to release music, it’s as Pac had recorded it and not some bullshit “compilation” like that Biggie Duets madness. Thoughts?

  • Holster Holly


  • Zak

    Honestly I’d rather hear a bullshit Tupac compilation than no Tupac at all.

  • Mike Tomlin

    Most influential man to ever walk the earth.

  • MSanchez

    Here’s my money…. Take it!!

  • Jordan

    Over/Under 100 tracks?

  • wat

    The fans can also probably edit, mix, etc. some of these tracks.

    She should put out the acapellas and instrumentals as well.

    If most of the tracks aren’t finished we could finish them.

    I say at least 100 tracks. Including unfinished verses, songs, hooks, etc…

  • Ayo-Ret

    I just wanna hear that “Shakurspeare” album that was being worked on, fuck ever happen to it?

  • Really

    All I know is I dont want any Justin Bieber feat. 2Pac type songs or like 2pac feat. Soulja Boy etc. Still like to hear some unrealeased work. Bring it on!!

  • I remember the ’90s so you hoe ass niggas hold ya panties, mabey biggie and PAC got left there on purpose but perhaps a young PAC was not the best person to lead a culture as I look at all the stupid shit I believed and acted on that today wisdom would bring me to a different result from the one I would have selected in ’94 knowing this I view PAC as a wise and angry young man growing in many positive directions and many negative ones. Undoubtly inigmatic what exactly would be PAC’s message be in 2013? For the money all of SOULS OF MISCHIEF are still alive and not in prison ’93 till infinity indeed

  • david

    Nice producers are VITAL. People think producers just make a beat but there’s much more to it than that. A nice hip-hop producer should be able to listen to Pac’s music he released while he was alive and find trends in his tastes in beats. He often rapped over beats with Bootsy/Funkadelic samples so the producer should dig through some of their records for samples. A lot of Pac tracks also had beats that carried a certain emotion. A decent producer will do a similar thing incorporating emotion they feel will go with the vocals/concept or ‘unfinished ideas’. The problem with that Biggie Duets record was that it sounded like the priority was to make it sound hot and current. If these Pac releases are gonna be nice the priority has to be making it how Pac woulda liked it and that means studying his work and the work of artists that influenced him

  • Russ

    My thoughts are I will believe it when I see it. We have heard this in some version how many times before?!?! Besides, even if they do, they will completely fuck it up using corny ass producers to ‘update’ the sound. Fact is they don’t have much I don’t already have in it’s original form.

  • Cali Grown

    Imani Pharcyde,

    Well said. The Souls of Mischief track, “What a Way to Go Out”, comes to mind.

  • Doney

    I hope they don’t tamper with the music at all and let us fans hear the song as he intended us 2 hear it. If they do that, then this project will b epic

  • h-21

    i believe Afeni Shakur should let tha outlawz and snoop dogg executive produce it, cause tha outlawz was always around pac in and out the studio and snoop knows how to put a whole album together from top to bottom.

  • Nah it will be OG SONGS believe me Afeni Shakur knows that the fans want all his orginal music, not remixing shit records…

  • Raiders4Life

    @h-21 Don’t praise Tha Outlawz too much. They’ve made horrible decisions with Pac’s work, too.

  • RiseFromDiChalice

    thats his mom, thats her choice, i just hope it doesnt sound like crap

  • reginald

    I agree the biggie duets album was pure excrement and did nothing to preserve or build on his legacy. All post humorous albums should be produced an executed with the original artists vision and character in mind. Saying this I personally wouldn’t want to hear any post 1996 artists on any tracks for the simple fact they didnt meet him or work with him. Any added verses should be from MCs he had previously worked with like Scarface, nas, methodman, daz, kurupt, outlawz etc likewise with production.