ANTHM – 1 Train Freestyle

blame it on Shake February 19, 2013

While he puts the final touches on his upcoming collaborative project with Blu, ANTHM takes on the Long.Live.A$AP posse cut.

  • icewater86


  • Boom

    ANTHM has next!!

  • El jefe


  • Teks Ya Intellect

    Dat nigga ANTHM nice wit da bars doe

  • I Teks Ya Bish

    @Shake and @Meka for that matter…ANTHM’s got a new EP “Handful of Dust” on the way. Produced by Blu. Nuff said. Thanks for promoting the big homie!

  • Teks Up or Vest Up

    And yes I saw the mention in the description but wanted to be more specific.

  • ANTHM got bars wooooo…

    “The arsenal that I authored was partial to Marshall Mathers”

    “Ghetto lumberjack, selling wood in the hood, I boost my numbers stat”

    “Never rapped about strippers that I kept as Nefertiti”

    “My hustle they don’t touch it, with a fraction of a J. Cole budget”

  • xastey

    Didn’t know he was doing a project with Blu.. Glad to see Blu back on his grind, shit better be mastered. ANTHM verses were dope

  • I never give up, I’d rather rock FUBU on my human body prayin that I wake up in a new Bugatti. As Handiman once said to J-5 “I smell thouble”

  • ventrilo

    dis is dope boy