Consequence – Looka Here Baby

blame it on Illy February 19, 2013

Consequence’s “ConsTV Tuesdays” leak comes in the form of a diss track towards Love and Hip-Hop cast member, Raqi Thunda.

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  • brite

    Fuck This Nigga’s Life.

  • Rude Judy

    ^^^ I LMAO every time.

  • Just Keeping It Real

    Consequence >>>>>>>> Kendrick Lamar

  • Jay

    Ill shyt, Never sleeps on Cons track’s, Con be killing it every time.. R.I.P Raqi Thunda

  • jhock420

    LOL “Just Keeping it Real” just said consequnce is better than Kendrick Lamar. Never again mention Consequnce in the same sentence as Kendrick Lamar, ur opinion but u making yourself look like a fuckin moron for real. Consequnce is one of the most wack artists ever and noone would even know who the fuck he was if he wasnt related to q tip and signed to GOOD years ago, and kanye would not have signed him if he was not related to Q Tip. Dude wack as fuck bites Kanyes style so bad yet isnt a quarter as talented I really hope this is the last consequnce post on 2dbz because noone wants to hear this wack shit anymore. SOOOOOO wack

  • fart

    Can this be the last Consequence post? Please?

  • 420inyosig

    immo be alright baby. cause the pen never stops!! its the cons!!!