• http://2dopeboyz.com Harlem

    THIS is an interview. A great one at that. Made me really think.

  • Mahatma

    Ghost is such a trip, I'mma listen to Fishscale just because of this interview...

  • http://dickgoodnuts.blogspot.com DG

    " I forgot what it was! " LMAO!!



  • https://twitter.com/frtnclothing fruition clothing

    supreme clientele . GFK one of the greats hands down. @frtnclothing

  • t.bigums

    Great interview!

  • Shotgun Charlie

    Thats my favorite ARTIST not just rapper, ARTIST of all times.

  • david

    Montreality do the best interviews, was 1 with Rakim not too long ago. Ghost doing maths in the weed question was funny though

  • DM (E Town)

    Islam provokes thought like that and then some. Consider what Elijah taught, what Clarence 13 taught. What Farrakhan is teaching RIGHT NOW....After decades of circulation throughout America, and HIP HOP culture specifically... Its time to re-think, reflect, study, and begin a new GOD Centered Course in Life. That course is Righteousness B. The Right Course. Wu-Tang Forever... To Allah (GOD) be The Glory.

  • jdnz