• Mac Dre

    2dbz posting Hoodie Allen? Oh gawd... This is TRUE frat rap. Not Asher Roth or Mac Miller like people say.

  • StopIt5

    I can't listen to this shit.

  • G

    are yall serious with this shit? this dude hoodie said "yall rhymes cheesy like a nacho"

    I'm done

  • Really Tho

    This is garbage. Y'all post some questionable stuff but this shit is so wack I wish it was a Lil B post instead. This shit is for the birds.

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  • Im Famous

    this guy is rippin' drakes flow in the 2nd verse

  • PraiseRZA

    i saw the name "hoodie allen" , and this is exactly what I expected.

  • Digitek

    c'mon 2dope, you guys are better than this.