• jhock420

    Whats with that ugly broad hes with? she looks like a dude, furthermore the only thing gayer than Young money is the heat, fuck lebron

  • who cares

    I'm sorry, but dude's how rich and that's the girl he chooses to take to a game? Looks like she lives in a dumpster.

  • garbage2DBZ

    Is this a Hip Hop website or TMZ .

    Does this even matter or even worth of knowing? .

  • jhjhhjh

    she prob looks better than any of the girls u guys arent boning...she actually looks goood prob jus didnt take a shower in make up

  • http://www.myspace.com/TheMaynardBros Roberto Maynardo The Thirdo

    who is that shawty he is with in that picture up there? I want to wife her. I would shower her with gifts all day long. I would love her forever. Please, who is she? Please

  • Jordan

    ^Dhea Sodano

  • WickyWoss

    the real L goes to Dhea Sodano, this fool look like a gremlin fucked oprah and popped his sorry ass out

  • B@SICS

    Fuck Wayne...bitch ass nigga rantin' and bitchin' & moanin' like a little butthurt girl. What has hip-hop come to? All these emotonal ass niggaz.

  • cuzimstz

    is that Bosh's wife?

  • WebStarr570

    Lil Wayne should be banned from everything. For real.