Papoose – The Nacirema Dream (Artwork)

blame it on Shake February 19, 2013

Upon landing a 1.5 million dollar deal with Jive Records back in 2006, Papoose has seen his rap career have more ups and downs than a 20-year-old yo-yo. Now, seven years later, the Brooklyn emcee is taking a page out of Saigon’s book and finally dropping his debut independently on March 26th (pre-orders available now). Check out the artwork above and a personal letter from Papoose (Papoose) after the jump that details his journey and struggles over the last half-decade.

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  • that truth

    have more ups and downs than a 20-year-old yo-yo.

    damn you must write punchlines for kendrick lamar

  • JoJo

    Looking forward to finally hearing this

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    …and then Detox

  • Pre


  • Rezo

    This would be cool if it was still 2006 and I still had my braids. This guy should have tried to find a real job by now, he’s what 35 releasing his debut album? That’s just pathetic anyway you look at it. It’s like a 35 year old guy trying out for an NFL team. You look like an asshole.

  • 2

    Papoose you J. Cole’d your self!

  • Heathen_Havoc

    @Rezo: Pathetic would be trying to compare ‘age’ within sports(NFL) & music(Rap) as an analogy. I hope you realize that the former is physical, with the latter being mental.

    One deteriorates with age & the other improves.
    Very illogical for someone who has listened to Papoose.
    I see his messages were lost on you. (Which is disappointing but not surprising.)

    Papoose’ material can speak for itself for those who are interested.
    More knowledge (on mixtapes) dropped then any of your favorite rappers careers.

  • IllaIiller

    @ Heathen_Havoc^^^ Agree 250%

    Why the fuck is there so much Ageizm in Hip Hop??? I hate that shit! who gives a shit how old a artists is. I’m looking forward to hearing Papoose New Album the shit sounds like its gonna be hot

  • Payola is a muhfucka,L’orel and Papoose in one fucking day…I’m sorta not surprise though,we all gotta pay those bills #Salute

  • that doesn’t not look like papoose on the cover…
    i’d be surprised if this album is any good. all the power to him to release this album though.

  • j

    shame this will sell as bad as saigons 2nd nvm his first.
    bt good on him to get it out there and then he can keep it moving to the next chapter

  • j

    cloud rap and rich mans rap is selling but gangster rap is no more

    cassidy, papoose, styles p.. sorry guys

  • HiiiLife

    alphabetical slaughter? anybody? i hope itʻs included as a bonus track.

  • What is it, 1998 all over again?