• raheem

    swerve is dope as fuck

  • erik

    indeed. these guys are going to do some big things. If you love hip-hip, or rap, or music in general i have no idea how you can not like this? so dope! love the video!

  • minh

    Love the whole vibe to this. Love the scenery and i love the model in this video.



  • SaraZ

    These guys are fantastic! Thursday can't come soon enough! Wake up world! Don't sleep!

  • dsullz

    ^^^true story.... cannot wait to have that cwww2 in rotation all day long. dope ass track guys.

  • BtotheDon

    These dudes are always dope. Nice to see some visuals to one of their tracks too. Been waiting on CWWW 2 for a while now, can't for it to drop!

  • http://www.twitter.com/msmainh MsMainH

    song is interesting, especially because they sampled one of my favorite artists, Lianne La Havas. They used her vocals from the song, "don't wake me up." I'll remember this one for sure.