Wale Vs. Rudy Gay (Video)

blame it on Meka February 19, 2013

We all know Wale is a fan of all of his hometown’s teams (Redskins, Wizards, Nationals, et al), which I’ve got to hand to him because more often than not at least one (if not all at any given point in time) of his favorites aren’t doing well. Tonight the Wizards played against the Toronto Raptors, and Wale got into a heckling match against the Rap’s newly-acquired swingman Rudy Gay. The incident was caught on camera, which prompted Raptors play-by-play announcer Matt Devlin to add his own two cents (as you can listen to above). That obviously didn’t sit too well with Wale, who approached their booth later on that night (see down bottom). NBA action; it’s fantastic.

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  • Slaughterhouse

    Wale caught feelings. He tweeted out ‘Watch your mouth.’ to the Raptors play-by-play announcer and then deleted it. C’mon son.

    Matt Devlin did ether him though, ‘He’s no Drake, that’s for sure…’ lmaoooooo.

    MMG keep taking L’s.

  • brainstorm

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA He’s no Drake… That’s some funny shit. Wall-A.

  • damn homie

    Hahahaa that Drake line was hilarious.. Wale got all butthurt

  • DoubleClutch95

    SMH at Wsle catching feelings over something like this.

    Rappers, these days, are too emotional.

  • DoubleClutch95


  • LMAO

  • Some call it emo…I call it bitch-made. Rappers all in their feelings because a middle-aged, suburbia white guy doesn’t know you…smh. C’mon son. Man up, bitch boy. And I’m a semi-Wale fan.

  • J1

    Fact: Nobody has more haters than Wale

  • Shit was funny though…lmfao. “He’s no drake.” CLASSIC!!!

  • Don’t heckle the NBA players if you can’t take what you’re dishing out.

  • henz

    Oh shit that was too funny nearly had me crying

  • woooooo

    the fact that the announcers didn’t feel threatened enough to call for security is hilarious to me..the look on their face is like “yeah aight nigga carry that shit somewhere else i got a game to commentate on”

  • 1

    “well known LOCAL Rapper…Wall-Ay” :D

  • smh

    Wale taking L’s.

  • DanSantana

    Beyond classic! Lmao @ the Drake lookalike taking Wall-A away!!

  • tunez

    “he’s known….LOCALLY” ouch

  • Raptors get the last laugh… win! They should bring Wale to every game, he can get his heckle on..and Gay can torch every body.

  • WNTD

    Also if you didn’t know Rudy is from Bmore and Wale is from DC, Bmore and DC guys don’t get along to well.

  • ddave

    But for those that keep calling him bitch made why talk shit over the net, but ask for his autograph, and pretend y’all never shit talked this man if you seen him in person. You keyboard warriors are a trip.

  • WAL-A

    Wale’s not taking L’s, he is an L. His whole fuckin life is one big L.


    ^^ this dude WAL-A saying his whole fuckin life is one big L… don’t be mad because you’re working a desk job while this dude is making money doing what he loves. the fact that you’re a nobody, saying someone who made it an “L” just shows how much of an “L” you are.

  • Tiiz

    I’ve noticed old white guys feel naturally inclined to insult anyone who calls them self a rapper. I wouldn’t have even been mad.

  • Allstar

    With fame, you gotta be able to take the good with bad… There’s no avoiding it.

  • Wale fucking fell off huge.

  • Killaaa

    lol fuck this bitch ass fool Wale

  • kennyis22

    someone messed wit Wale’s wiki page. it now describes him as a locally known rapper and quotes this.. “Wale became locally recognized and continued recording music for the regional audience. ” hahaha shit

  • triPAUD

    yeah this is just city pride. its good to see, especially that these cats would rep drake like that haha

    most of the time raps suck anyways so they could use the fire.

    besides seinfeld fucks w/ wale, so he shouldn’t care haha

  • SonictheHogans

    I don’t know how Niggas can say Wale taking L’s and fell off..when the nigga was just at the Grammy’s last week and actually nominated… That let’s you know these niggas some salt filled fuck boys..

  • eYePTyOu

    Are these posts defending Wale from his PR team because the reasoning is weak as fuck? I don’t care how much money you make or if you a nominated for shit, if you can talk shit at a player just doing his job, then old ass white people can make fun of how you do your job without you bitchin.

    To the PR folks, do a better job of stopping Wale from doing lame shit and you won’t have to do damage control on blogs.

  • C-los

    HAha I just check Wale’s wiki page and it lists his occupation as “Local Rapper”. Also I think what most people on here are alluding to when they say he “fell off” is how he used to make dope music on his mixtapes and features and is now going the MMG wack lyrics with a basic beat route

  • jundamane24

    remember that wale & 9th wonder mixtape. That shit was on fkn point……