Young Scooter – Colombia (rmx) f. Rick Ross, ‘Sh*t & Gucci Mane

blame it on Illy February 19, 2013

Young Scooter recruits Rozay, Sh*t and La Flare for the remix to his latest single.

  • GucciMane

    “niggas tried to kill me but i had thing cocked” … more but i crash my car, somebody get his fat ass outta here

  • GucciMane

    more like*

  • el chapo

    “sold more dope them every rapper in the rap game “

  • K.I.N.G


  • Hazedmind

    man this song would be so good if the beat just fucking dropped, but it never ever ever does and i’m sitting here like an asshole waiting for it

  • j1

    ross verse is pn point niggas have got to admit

  • j

    ti jeezy remix please

  • ‘sheed

    A song from Rick Ross, Birdman and Gucci Man with more dopes than nopes? This can’t be the dope-house; I thought them three equals an auto-nope before even listening to the song haha

  • Johnson

    Is this really what the kids listen to now a bunch of fairytale ass rappers talking about movies they have seen its embarrassing man

  • Mister Nicely

    Why can’t yall just like different shit. This is a hot song. It is okay to like this song and turn around and listen to Kendrick or Ab-Soul next and like that song as well. Trap music is a lane in Hip Hop and it will never go away.

  • i hate those drums but cool song.