Emeli Sandé – Next To Me f. Kendrick Lamar

blame it on Shake February 20, 2013

Scottish vocalist Emeli Sandé lands a Kendrick Lamar guest spot for the American version of her Our Version of Events single. hhnm.

  • Swagu

    yall telling me nobody coulda gave this nigga a bottle of water and a bucket to spit his flem out before recording his verse

  • joeyaverage

    Can someone tell K dot this new voice doesn’t suit him whatsoever

  • dannym254

    Ive never been annoyed by a rapper’s voice or flow. Unless you’re Gucci Mane

  • lol

    nit picking nerds i swear

  • SMH @ Fake Fans

    “Can someone tell K dot this new voice doesn’t suit him whatsoever”
    ^ Hey fucktard, this is the voice he used when he actually went by “K.Dot”. Not a new voice whatsoever…

  • pissed

    fuck you emeli sande and your undeserved BRIT awards victories

  • brite

    You’d never know this chick was black. She looking lighter than Michael Jackson’s white ass kids on that cover.

  • J-easytheGreat

    song was dope without he’s not needed on this track at all

  • Yawk! Yawk! Yawk!

    Shorty is lookin like P!nk … Is she really black?

  • Good Peoples!!

    @Swagu @joeyaverage @dannym254 are all the same idiot smh


    Anyway the song is the shit!

  • M0E

    only people who are not gonna like this is piece of shit atheists

  • detox is coming soon

    ^lmao *dead*

  • detox is coming soon

    *dead at the first comment @swagu

  • 80085

    Anybody sayin kendrick don’t kill everything he touches can suck their mother dryness

  • Good Peoples!!

    ^^^^ And the award for best dick rider goes to this weak ass mothafucka!

  • ?

    This song is exactly a year old why are they just now putting out a remix

  • JimastaJ

    I sampled 3 of this chicks songs and now she blows up. Cool…

  • want a cookie, @JimastaJ?
    not diggin’ kendrick on this. seems like a forced collabo.