• johnnygill

    I'd like to hear thoughts from XV on this

  • stz

    so what does this mean for sony?

  • http://yrap.bandcamp.com Y-Rap

    Smart Move, MMG made that move from Warner to Atlantic so they wouldn't get caught up in this deal. Live Nation was sucking up $$ on the 360 deals anyway.

  • Doney

    Jay is the shrewdest businessman in the entertainment industry, maybe in the world of business period. WITHOUT AN MBA, that's crazy!

  • 2dope4nope

    ^ yup that shit is crazy even a non diploma I think but Hov that's what's up!

  • Noid

    He is buying his freedom by making everyone else a slave with this deal.

  • IdontBelieveYou!

    I love when Meka or Shake start talking in the descriptions like they know what the fuck is going on when it comes to the business haha. Just log into your twitter and tweet your tweets bra!

  • http://twitter.com/Gene_us @Gene_us

    Their blog right? Their content/commentary! Who the fuck are you to visit another man's homestead and tell him what he should and should not do? Free your mind buddy! Try spreading positivity, then maybe you too will wind up being a Hova and get bloggers to blog about your business savviness. CHUMP!

  • http://twitter.com/Gene_us @Gene_us

    Hov is way past gone! I sometimes watch all that foolery from the likes of Trinidad James et al and wonder what people with REAL wealth think when they see the bullshit that goes on in hip hop! There will come a time when chains, whips and heauxes is frowned upon. Wanna talk money? The likes of Jay, Fiddy, Dre getting that real WHITE money is what it's about. All those other fuckers talking money and whips is getting played out real fast! No longer fuck wit Hov like that with his music but everything else he does demands my undivided attention! Big ups!!

  • @Gene_us

    "getting that real WHITE money"

    fucking slave mind. foh

  • Tony

    could explain the elpadaro f. electronica album delay

  • http://www.twitter.com/noles506 rn506

    Who cares..? He doesn't pay your bills.

  • stopit5


    You hoping 2dbz is going to hire you or something? Lmao

  • Chris

    Shady>> Roc Nation

  • Represent One As A Whole

    yall are fucking tripping.. let the man do his thing. the dude came from nothing to coming to be someone! the dude is shining and is top of his master plan .. u really think he was gunna just be a rapper for the rest of his life. NO!! cuz hes more than just that. hes a fierce business man at its finest. yall are pussy little hoodlums bitching cuz hes rich ur not.. grow the fuck up.... and follow your own dreams and become something as good if not better than JAY if u dun like what hes doing for the game right now.. yall just a buncha kids on a msg board n jay is out there doing what he does making that "REAL" paper. nigga who cares if its white black green or yellow.. we all the same foo.. fuck ur slave mentality u just got that mindstate cuz u wanna be like errbdy in ur family feels.. u aint getting slaved upon nigga u just live like a fool. when u aint the one in the ditch digging holes and getting beat the fuck up with chains whips etc.. ur in 2013 we dont have slaves in america anymore dumb fuck. JAY Z WILL RISE IF U LIKE IT OR NOT!

  • jaron justice

    Slave mentality hahaha... nigga please! ^as the dude above.. hes right were not from the slave times.. why do our black culture have to act like they are treated like slaves.. when our Great Great Great Uncle Aunt Grandparents etc really came from that type of world. The world is still the same cruel brutal dirty ghetto poor rich etc. but its never going to change only thing changes is the people inside... if u dont change thats when u become cruel etc. grow outside of the mindset and free your mind body and soul. also JAY Z im proud of that nigga. hes got it on lock and hes got more haters to suck on his nob cause they cant be as powerful as he is! peace

  • http://www.IOftenDrift.com PJ

    “getting that real WHITE money”
    A "white" dollar is worth the same as any other dollar. It's just more difficult to earn.