Juicy J – One Of Those Nights f. The Weeknd

blame it on Illy February 20, 2013

Taylor Gang’s Juicy J links up with The Weeknd on “One Of Those Nights” set to appear on his upcoming album titled, Stay Trippy.

  • WORD

    The Dream >>>>>> The Weeknd

  • waldo

    weird how this song and wiz (I remember) feels more like a weeknd song..

  • ?????

    Why does every song weeknd featured on sounds like it should be his song to begin with?????

  • cobra

    ^ cause weeknd a different type of nigga musically. when niggas want a weeknd feature you basically asking for a weeknd track.

  • lol

    Who makes the most depressing music? Weeknd,Kid Cudi or Tyler The Creator? My day was going good now im depressed for really no reason at all lol.

  • lol

    how do you purposely click play knowing you’re going to be depressed? smh at the logic of these idiots

  • Stay TRIPPY


    Tyler The Roach Eater is terrible. Cudi n Weeknd are both great at what they do.

  • Yeah Hoe

    I can get jiggy with this.

  • Trippymane

    This is 2Dope! Actually pumped for this juicy cd

  • cudder

    Wiz prolly like, “I told J that I did a song with Weeknd/Next thing I know now he got a song with Weeknd/Back in my mind I’m like damn, no way…”

  • Doney

    This track go all the way! The Weeknd bodied it, and Juicy J brought that energy that he always brings. Dope.

  • R

    Weekend should get a grammy for not sucking dik! He should come out the closet and say he straight up beats the pusssy up! He’ll sell then

  • Don’t Be Somthing Your Not

    This isn’t a Juicy J track

  • Rich1hunnit

    Dat Beeeeeeat

  • RS

    This is more of a Balanced collab than yall think. Juice produces + chants over the track. The Weeknd sings and Juice also lays a verse. It’s deeper than vocals

  • Doney

    Juicy made the beat? If so, he’s stepped up his game and became a much more versatile producer because this sounds like a str8 Weeknd beat

  • @lol – Cudi, easily.

  • lol

    @lol #2

    im a fan of all 3 dumbass i actually love feeling depressed but i was feeling good for once in my life & as soon as i heard this i went back into the darkness.

  • Jonesy Stark

    As expected, this joint hella goes, folk.

  • Izzy

    A future legend partnering with a legend needless to say this is legendary

  • k_q_b

    Dope as hell.

  • i’m not surprised that juicy j produced this. very simple but atmospheric beat. solid track… but only 1 verse, j?

  • Weeknd

    Production is incredible, Weeknd tears it down as usual. Juicy did his thing and didn’t ruin the song like Wiz did with his Weeknd collab.

    Weeknd is on a whole other level when it comes to R&B right now.

  • alex

    If you call the weeknd depressing,you obviously don’t listen to his music. That nigga is a pimp!

  • Hazedmind

    Just as fast as Wiz made this guy relevant again he’s gonna drive him into the ground

  • NoWuff

    Shut the fuck up ’bout Wiz… Real talk, Juicy J has carried every artist he’s been associated with since the 90s

    Bottomline: Juicy J knows what the people want

  • whoisheknow

    Damn mtf got me mad zonin’.. autobots; spark your J’s