LOLz Tough Streets of San Pedro?

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    36 Dopes, no comments? Great song/video.

  • Good Peoples!!

    The only reason why "Channel Orange" won over "Kaleidoscope Dream" at The Grammys is b/c Miguel didn't use a big coming out the closest publicity stunt like Frank did

    But Kaleidoscope Dream was not only the best RnB album last year but one of the best albums period

  • http://N/A XI

    ^ people like you, man.
    Incapable of appreciating more than one thing at a time. We have to throw people under the bus, right?


  • MOE314

    @XI You're hurt by the truth???

  • @MOE314

    you're blind as fuck. ignorant nigger.

  • wilma$

    @GTFOH you never been to em projects in Bridge City, shit ain't no walk in tha park homie, imported drug center, yu fuckin tourist ass, yu probably only been to uptown and to the coastal festivities wit yo fam taking pictures of the seagulls

  • http://keepitplaya.tumblr.com dgrzzl

    dope video. Peace to Miguel