Bring It Back: The Roots – You Got Me f. Eve & Erykah Badu/Jill Scott [1999]

blame it on Shake February 21, 2013

In light of #ThrowbackThursday, I’ve decided to bring back one of my favorite songs from The Roots of all time. In 1999, The Roots crew released their Eve (of Destruction) and Erykah Badu featured single single “You Got Me”. While penning the song, Philly’s Jill Scott recorded her own version before being replaced by Erykah on The Roots’ Things Fall Apart. Six year’s later the original Jill Scott version was released on 2001’s Home Grown! The Beginner s Guide to Understanding the Roots Volume 1. Take a listen to both versions and just try to pick a clear winner on whose was better. Don’t worry, I’ll wait…

Jill Scott

Erykah Badu

And for an added bonus, check out this 2dope performance of the Grammy Award-winning song that The Roots and Jill Scott gave that can be found on The Roots Come Alive.

  • Mature Gambino

    One of dopest albums ever put out for real

  • LOUD

    They’re both dope as shit. Jill scott voice is beautiful and mad soulful

  • RiseFromDiChalice

    the legendary. its sad that there arent too many comments here, the roots are one of the best things hip hop has ever produced

  • Chicago

    Coincidence, I was just listening to this song again earlier today for the first time in like 2 years

  • that live version is something, I dig Tariq’s musicality there

  • Geezy

    The difference is marginal really, but I always go with the Badu version- her voice adds the sort of female paranoia that runs with the song, Jill add’s a bit more street flavor if you will. These years were amazing man. This record finished being recorded in 99 at Electric Ladyland Studios which coincided with the recording of D’Angelo’s Voodoo, Badu’s Mama’s Gun & Commons LWFC, The Soulquarian Sessions if you will. Dilla & Pino Palladino had a hand in all these albums. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but I believe D’Angelo is playing keyboard on this track.

    I agree with RisefromDiChalice, this comment section should be longer than it is. A seminal period for hip-hop and neo-soul going as the new millennium turned.

  • dope

    amazing song!

  • I remember telling a girl I was seeing that this was one of my favourite songs ever,she then asked if I’d heard the Jill Scott version,I got schooled by a chick!! Anyway she sent me the live version and Jill touched my soul when i heard her sing…I love both versions and can listen to them back to back…depending on my mood either one edges it over the other…they shoulda put both of em on it!! …

    I agree with the heads on here saying there should be more comments, The Roots are in a class of their own,not even hip hop royalty,hip hop gods that transcend any bullshit,grown folk hip hop and the vid for “what they do” was wicked,parodying hip hop stereotypes… Classic…the lack of comments no doubt shows that quality hip hop is lost on those that prefer “production line,same formula” shit hop…then again I’m showing my age cos I’m proud to say I’m one of those “trappep in the 90s n***as” that Nas shouts out on loco-motive!!

  • Los

    The truth is Badu was the best fit for this song.

  • T-5

    Jill KILLS!! but i love me some Badu but come on ya’ll lets keep it real! especially if & when Jill performs it live Badu gives her own but Jill outshines effortlessly.

  • Restless

    Gotta give it to Jill on this one even though Erykah did her thing.

  • Dam-G

    No mention of Scott Storch at all on this post when this was one of his break out hits – Weak!