• Dope

    Yeah Tears of Joy is an incredible piece of music. I can't believe he didn't tuck that away. Oh well. Lesson learned.

  • Mike

    Glad he didn't put Stay on the album, sounds better with Nas

  • Boomerang Slang

    As long as Cole continues to work with No ID and has more than one song with him on his next album. No ID's sound is perfect for Cole and can take his music to the next level.

  • Thank Me

    didn't cyhi use that beat too

  • henz

    cole stays losing nothing new here.

  • Tiiz

    @ThankMe Same sample, different beat.

  • the realest

    yeah cole missed out. aint no hungry nigga finna let those beats go. ESPECIALLY when you aint got no hits. atleast dude keep it real about the label gettin on his head about having no hits. thats the real and only reason why he stay tucked away in a closet somewhere. no hit, no go.

    and ross did spazz on that beat tho.

  • http://2dopeboy asmodeus ashmadi

    Look with all due respect to every bodies opinions but listen to jcoles version of stay then listen to the stay record on LIFE IS GOOD there is no way you can compare the two don't nobody want to touch it NAS bodied the shit!

  • Officer Rick Ross


  • Snas

    ^^^FOH Rick.. Lol

  • HouseOfStark

    What happened to logic. Stay nor Tears of Joy cannot be defined as "Hits". They are good songs on their given albums but these weren't on any billboards. I think it shows Cole's ear for beats.

  • adi Pre

    Damn I'd slap myself silly if I missed out on Tears of Joy, that track is hands down incredible, by far Ross's best track.

  • lm

    not too late?

    Never heard it and cant find it online. anyone got a link?