• wtf

    C'mon man no one wants to hear that shit. I'm still waiting for a version of Suit & Tie w/o Jay. Everyone I've talked to has said the same thing, Jay's verse ruins the song. If he can't even have a dope verse on a song, why would anyone want to hear a full tour with the clown?

  • Valentine

    The first two people that responded up there are complete assholes. Jay-Z's verse was great and the proof of that is that the song is one of the top ten bought songs of the year. It's a great song and Jay-Z is a great person, so don't be spreadin' hate. He's one of the only rappers who has meaning in his songs.

  • meh

    @Valentine, you fuckin him or something?

  • gt

    ha nigga that shit funny
    quit ridin man i didnt even listen to it tell me about wtt2

  • Jumpman23

    So Justin Timberlake is a legend now? To who? 30+ year old females who loved him 15 years ago?

  • Doney

    The only part I liked bout the song was the beginning and Jay verse. How could u not like his verse on the song? He bodied it

  • Valentine

    @meh, Nah i'm fuckin your mom, bitch.

  • j

    so he rides kanyes wave, now justins, who next the other justin?
    better than dissin the nba to stay relevant i guess

  • j man

    whoever said jay z verse is great is and idiot...its a recycled verse...he's used it already lmao great would be new, not something i heard 8 years ago lol

  • Sam Flow (yes, im a female)

    I have to agree: I wish Jay-z wasnt on the song. When I listen to some songs featuring Jay.z, I really dont know what the hell he's talking about. Almost the same for this song. I looked at his lyrics, and they were good.......buuut, i still dont like him in the song

  • meh

    @Valentine, lol nice try but you're a fuckin Jay-Z dickrider if ever there was one. making lame mom jokes and calling me a bitch pretty much demonstrates that you know i'm right so the consider the case closed.

  • TheFreshOne

    The Rose Bowl ?!?! Whoa.

  • Mic1s

    this collab makes no sense...like its good for b.i. but artistically it makes no sense.. jayz verse was ass...and justin and t.i. would of made more sense since they actually have dope records together... FUCK THIS TOUR

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