Ab-Soul Talks Unit 6 Delay, Jay Electronia (Video)

blame it on Shake February 22, 2013

During his time on RapFix Live, Ab-Soul breaks down the situation with his Unit 6 project with JMSN, receives advice from Raekwon, speaks on being a part of “ Congregation ” with Black Thought and Talib Kweli, and speaks on Jay Electronica.

“He’s just a deep dude,” Ab-Soul said. “He’s really who he is. Man, he’s the Black God! He’s a fan of my music and he connects with me on that level. I think we touch on a lot of the same things. He just hit me up out the blue.”

Ab-Soul further explained that Jay Elect told him to stop using drugs. He recounts Jay’s words, “‘The brain already has all of the chemicals that all of these drugs have. Drugs are just a crutch so take it easy on the drugs.’ For real. It was crazy.”

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  • whooo

    just imagine if ab & jay elec ever decide to do a track together…

  • SpikeyJamez

    Jay Electronica spoke the truth. About time a rapper having common sense about the usage of drugs.

  • beyenesausage

    I was JUST! wondering when Ab-Soul was going to speak on it.

    I seen Jay Elect said something to ab about “then I found out what he really about”

  • Juicy-G

    Ab-Soul should’ve gave Jay some advice on dropping an album, because that’s obviously something he doesn’t know how to do. Jk lol.

  • Supposedly Soulo, Elect & Earl are trying to make moves on some shit. They were conversing on via Twitter about two days ago. Be on the look out!

  • Tekwon

    It seems like Rae wasn’t even paying attention and the question caught him off guard. Nothing he said seems like it was even any kind of advice for the situation Ab was dealing with with the finished project.

  • DM (E Town)

    Thank you Bro. Jay… for passin’ on such crucial timely information to the young Ab. (And us all…) We all caught that jewel. The Spiritual Core of Jay’s wisdom must be considered and examined. It has the potential to lead so many young and talented individuals away from a life (death) style… that has fractured (mentally) and destroyed (physically) so many of our young and aspiring talent. Knowledge and Guidance of The Time is the new KEY.

  • DM (E Town)

    The delay of Jay’s Album… and new material is perhaps BECAUSE OF his perspective and great (spreading) influence. Clearly those who run it…. prefer and encourage the foolery.
    We already know…

  • Terry

    I think Jay Electronica hasnt released his album yet because he is probably still making changes to it. I feel like his album will be a game changer, and something that our culture needs.

  • JOjoba

    I was just thinking about Jay. Remember when he dropped that supposed track list from the album and everyone was like “it’s coming soon!!” Remember that… like a year and a half ago LMFAO

  • JAyP

    “The Brain already has those drugs” they really do! THATS REAL TALK!

  • +exas

    Drugs are cool though.