GQ - The Town (prod. 9th Wonder) (Video)

The Oakland representative releases some visuals to the 9th Wonder-produced single off his upcoming debut album, Death Threats and Love Notes, due out March 26th on Jamla.


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  • woooo...dope single...

    "All dogs go to heaven, try telling my ex this"

  • YouGots2Chill

    Im happy that 9th is fuckin with the bay,the beat is nuthin special,he KINDA sounds like a early BLU & heather victoria is THICK AS FUCK.....THAT IS ALL

  • xastey

    maaaaaaaaaaan.. I still bump his last tape every now and then.. I really thought he was a R&B artist.. but THIS.. my flight to cali is going to be nice with all these releases before month end.

  • hiphop200120

    Dope visuals for a dope song. Kenneth Price and Vandope did their thing!

  • The_Dola

    This track is dumb hot....GQ does it again

  • sigmastyle

    Mannnnnn that GQ album about to be crazy

  • flweather

    Jamla does it again...dope video concept by KP

  • Archangel

    Jamla stays putting out that dope! GQ is no exception. I think he's gonna blow up

  • CrimsonEssence

    Loving this beat. Loving the lyrics. Loving the visuals.

  • HipHopHoldsMyHeart

    So glad to finally have this visual! I love the way it incorporates the Jamala family and GQ's hometown! Powerful message! Can't wait for the album!

  • HipHopHoldsMyHeart

    So glad to finally have this visual! I love the way it incorporates the Jamla family and GQ’s hometown! Powerful message! Can’t wait for the album!

  • Juicy-G

    Looks like a Doppelgangaz video lol.

  • Dopenessssssssss

  • Eb

    startin off the new year right. love GQ!!!

  • CYBR

    what a collaboration. Jamla aint playin!!

  • Hip Hop Junkie

    This is why I stay fkng with hip hop... 9ThWonder knows how to pick'em I wish the best for Jamla & their endevers

  • Wet Beatz

    GQ is that dude. Stop sleepin!

  • Parker Schnabel

    This joint is solid gold!

  • Gambit

    Dope joint to go along with dope visuals.

  • ComonSun

    This Dude GQ is dope Westside Stand Up... Salute to Jamla Records

  • CurtMcGirt

    I'm coppin this on GP since he's from the town. The black and white visuals are always dope. Cool to see my old high school Oakland Tech in the background towards the end. East Oakland... CHEA!!!!

  • colesummer

    hes quintin thomas who played ball at UNC he kinda sounds like royce on this tho

  • Seven

    Love this song and this video is dope too.

  • Kam

    "heaven had a window, i just climbed through"

    thats a cool ass line

  • ProTraxs

    Er body out her in the bay aint the same...GQ is one of those exceptions...Real HipHop does styl the sample...

  • silkysmooth7978

    MANNNN this guy GQ has BARS for DAYS!!!!!! cop that album dropping 3/26

  • justgifted7872

    This kid is special....very sincere...he just sounds like Rapping is something he is supposed to do #MARCH26GQLPDROPS

  • twocents1617

    Mann the industry needs to pay attention to what 9th and JAMLA are doing #NCisProducingWonders!

  • 2cents1617

    Mann the industry needs to pay attention to what 9th and JAMLA are doing #NCisProducingWonders

  • kika117

    Jamla is so official with this! Ppl all over the globe better recognize! The army's bout to take over!

  • JJ


  • Wild Bill

    The name of 9th's label is very appropriate...JAM-la...This cat GQ got bars!!!

  • Dean Geronimo

    It's that Town Bidness...........time to GET FAMILIAR! J-A-M-L-A!


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