Kendrick Lamar – Poetic Justice f. Drake (Video)

blame it on HD February 22, 2013

Directed by The Lil Homie, Dave Free & dangerookipawaa

Kendrick releases the long awaited visual for his Drake assisted record Poetic Justice. good kid, m.A.A.d city in stores now.

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  • BND


  • The intro to Master Splinter’s Daughter was far more interesting to me than this video. I hope it’s next in line to get the visual treatment!

  • goodone

    dom kennedy and jay 305 in the crowd

  • j1

    ill cameos.

  • I was really hoping Janet was gonna be in the video…

  • Coo

    Pusha T >>>>>>>> Kendrick Lamar

  • Hang Loose

    Fresh Daily with the ILL cameo. Good to see real recognizes real

  • cap

    gkmc is not that good…

  • WORD


    Yall dickriders hitting that dope b4 viewing the video, i can tell

  • adi Pre

    Was never a big fan of this track, infact I don’t like it at all, however, best album of 2012.

  • HipHopPolice

    If they posted a pic of Kendrick taking a shit it would get 200 likes and 75 dislikes smh

  • that truth

    No one peeped but the ambulance at the end has a 718 area code. That’s Brooklyn for those that don’t know. Kendrick did that on purpose as a symbolic gesture to how far east/west coast rappers have come friendship wise

    lmao typical kendrick stannery, reaching to make this guy seem like hes anything other than the facade of a deep thinkier

  • BringMoreHoes

    Fresh Daily cameo was dope. I was surprised to see him on stage with Kendrick when he was at SouthPaw two years ago and “O.D.” was popping. East/West connect…good to see.

  • Jonesy Stark

    Nah, yo. Not feelin’ this video

  • who cares

    He’s making videos for every whack song on the album. The only good song he made a video for so far was Swimming Pools, but that video was garbage.
    @adi Pre – Is that a joke?

  • jrt123

    It’s always so funny to see how far some posters go out of their way to say they don’t like Kendrick or think he isn’t all that. If you don’t like an artist then don’t listen. It’s an easy process.

  • $$$

    @jrt123 Amen

  • cityslicker

    one thing i’ve noticed about rap fans lately..before kendrick really got success people talked about how much he needs to get his shine and how much rap needs he’s recieved mainstream success and to me kendrick hasnt switched up yet you can tell his homies keep him grounded. but it seems like all the success he got now people dont like it and say others are dickriding which some people are. but niggas dont realize, you not liking him because of how much attention he now has on him is hate whether you choose to accept it or hate on him cus hes not doing what you want him to do, he’s yet to make a bubblegum pop track which i doubt he’ll do cus like i said he got niggas around him thats gon keep him grounded..if you dont like his music ok thats cool but not liking him or his music cus other people now caught on to it, makes you a HUGE FUCKIN HATER, you internet niggas are sad man, was cool i kinda see where he was trying to go with it nad gkmc is still the best album out and i hope schoolboy q album is just as good if not better so TDE can continue to put pressure on all the whack rappers in the game.PEACE

  • @cityslicker Co-fuckin’-sign

  • marty mcfly

    Just saying for me personally. This is one outta just three records I like on his album. I have no hate for this dude and I wouldn’t care if Kendrick gets more famous then Taylor Swift and makes more money then Mitt Romney. In a musical sense I just dont think Kendrick makes the best music out like people say he does. Is he a good MC? yes, did he live up to the hype? yes, but am I gonna just act like this guy is making the most incredible music? NO. On a positive note I did see a group of kids singing Swimming Pools the other day and even though they probably only took the negative aspect of the message in that song, at least there is something there that their little minds can process and learn from. THAT is what I appreciate most about Kendrick but just keeping it 100, for me music is something that gotta be jammin and all this slow tempo calm shit just dont come across as the best music. Not everybody is just “hating” because a rapper is famous now.

  • ohLord

    Remember when Kendrick Lamar didn’t care about fashion

    Now look at him Desperately trying to fit in

    T D E = 000 Classics

  • rudebwoiii

    man kendrick is real, and me he makes some good music i personally think ab-soul is the best out the current “God MC” for the new gen rappers..kendrick may e dressing different bt he still level headed unlike meek (no disrespect to meek but after he said he was no longer gon respond to cass i seen an interview where he went to a radio station recently and spit a written diss directly at cass saying he shoud’lve died in the car crash and some more shit) kendrick is still humble and i hope he continues to make great music cus he the starting point kind of to reinstate the realness back into hiphop..yall talking about his clothes now is just nitpicking and trying to find something about him that you dont like, if he didnt rock the leather and shit but turned into and asshole or made some mainstream pop type tracks yall would be talking about that, you guys always just have to find something to complain about when it comes to a rapper bringing the real smh

  • dg15

    I wish I could go on this site consistently and get constructive criticism, appreciation and discussion, rather than just straight hate and pointless arguing. If you don’t like the track or video, that’s fine; have a viable reason to why you don’t. Too many people come on to this site to just criticize just because. You rarely see good discussions in the c-section and that’s unfortunate because this site is one of the best.

  • david

    @that truth – I agree with your facade comment. The word ‘facade’ sums up a lot of new gen rappers with a lotta hype. You got Kendrick- Facade of a deep thinker as you say, then there’s Joey Badass- Facade of a new gen rapper ‘bringin back the golden era’, Danny Brown- Facade of an avant garde artist

  • david

    @dg15 Its impossible to sit hear and pretend this shit is nice. It’s too simple.’Say if you a bad bitch put your hands up high, hands up high, hands up high’. That’s a quote from this song that doesn’t take any skill to write and the track has around 15 million Youtube views (if you add up all the views from separate accounts) whilst talented writers struggle to get 100,000. The title of the track leads you on to think the lyrics will be nice, like he’s providing some kind of justice, poetically. It’s not poetic though. He knew that hip-hop listeners would associate him with Pac coz of the song title (Pac was in a film of the same name) but in terms of poetry Pac was vivid and at times complex, this is just a generic track with lyrics about misogyny/materialism. That’s some simple constructive criticism

  • QBN

    Kendrick is the truth.. Section 80 classic, GKMC probably will end up being a classic, and he makes real hip hop music. Not a lot of overly commercial tracks on his albums. I think that’s part a big part of his appeal. Drake, J.Cole, they make a lotta commercial tracks, so for heads that don’t give a fuck about radio singles or doing tracks with the garbage so called “hot” rappers, Kendrick speaks to us.

    BUT my dude needs better creative direction as far as his videos, and overall stage/camera presence. Too often he looks bored when he’s on camera, like he’s just going through the motions.

  • smawn

    in all honesty, this is a great song but busta and q-tip made it even better

  • dg15

    @david word. Personally this is my second favorite song on the album, other than real (and that’s just because I find the hook too annoying). I understand where you are coming from. I personally don’t like the sample and I think it’s definitely the worst beat on the album by far. I liked this video conceptually but I don’t particularly like the song. It’s probably the only other radio friendly song on the album, so I understand why they released this video. I would’ve rather seen a video for Art of Peer Pressure or Money Trees to be honest.

  • no matter how much we critique, the labels can’t hear us and the dollars being made for both Kendrick and the team who signed him can’t either. Just support the brother, well I do, he may not be the greatest MC but as of now, he is creating from an honest place and making his mark.

  • marty mcfly

    @david, idk man I think the lyrics do have a poetic touch and the beat is pretty dope especially for a westcoast artist to rap over being that there is an association with Pac. And correction, I like about 5 songs on the album so its more then just three but anyway this song is dope and Drake on it makes it even more dope. The whole commercial vs non commercial rap argument is always gonna happen I guess but really there’s bullshit on both sides of the coin. A artist aint dope just cause he dont make commercial records and vice versa.

  • FanOfAFan

    ya’ll just ignore Marty’s opinion. (See: POWER TRIP post)

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ Where you’ll also see that I didnt say anything about that song that aint true.

  • Kay M

    Brooklyn Repping Hard In A Cali Video #FreshDaily

  • silence

    @ david

    i agree that the self sample at the beginning is unnecessary, but to say that this song isn’t acutally substantive or poetic tells me that you weren’t actually listening, because he says shit like,

    “I write poems and these songs dedicated to you and/ when you’re in the mood for empathy there’s blood in my pen.”

    Come on blood, he just juxtaposed his capacity to be tender, with his desire to fuck, also saying that that tenderness is powered because of that desire.

    I don’t know if this song is presented in a way thats makes you unreceptive, or if you’re not giving it credit because it’s so obviously a radio single and directed at women, but do yourself a service and listen line by line to this nigga and any other rapper you think is mediocre, because they’re popping for a reason, and even the weakest rappers have their own perspective.

  • Quickstrike

    Lol Y’all dudes don’t even buy albums so why are you complaining about ANYTHING?! You want Kendrick Lamar to be Skyzoo or Brother Ali? Both made great albums and you giys didn’t. Praise ain’t worth dollars. So what if you don’t like this song, you think he made it for you? You think he asked himself is 2dopeboyz commenter going to like this song? I like all the songs so he made it for me lol. Y’all go praise whoever you into next this and when their albums comes out download it and just pray that they have enough of a budget to make another.

  • GAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Grimzz

    How come every K.Dot post has a Marty rant about how he like/don’t like him, a YALL RIDING HIS DICK comment, and a debate on if GKMC is better than anything else?

    It’s getting sad

  • JJJJ

    who saw fresh daily in that? haha im mad there are only two comments out of all these above me regarding fresh daily. FRESH DAILY!!!!

  • marty mcfly

    @Grimzz, its more sad that your mad at me because I dont dick ride Kendrick Lamar and I also dont overly bash him or hate on him either. Thats why you mad? FOH and most K.Dot posts have no comment from me at all.

  • I thought the video was pretty chill. I like the Pharcyde esque reverse action that was going on.

  • baby hairs ftw

  • The Vet

    A lot of y’all fail to realize that music is subjective to the listener, what you think is wack someone else thinks is the best thing going. No one’s dickriding anyone, he/she just feels kendrick or whoever is better than most, that’s their opinion. Since you don’t agree you automatically call it dickriding. I personally feel Ab-Soul is better than Kendrick, does that mean I’m dickriding Ab? no it just means I feel how I feel about his music because I can relate more to it. I’m sure 90% of the people y’all call kendrick ‘dickriders’ can just relate more to him as opposed to other artist so they feel he’s the best out. Truthfully it’s dickriding to attack every kendrick post just to call his fans dickriders. Most of you on his dick so much y’all made it mandatory to click on any post with his name included just to see how his fans react. If you’re not a fan, why worry?

  • david

    @silence just my opinion I don’t feel a few nice punchlines is enough to deserve 15 mil views when you got artists putting out tracks where EVERY line is a quotable and some don’t even get 15k views, I bought the album coz of the hype, gave it it’s fair spins as listeners should with an album and too many tracks are skippable, I understand this ones for the radio but that’s no reason to fill it with a bunch of wack lines and the odd few nice ones

  • david

    @marty I understand what you’re tryna say but I’m not dissin it coz it’s commercial, I’m jus sayin I don’t think it deserves 15 mil views coz anyone with a pen who’s been listening to hiphop for a long time can write at that level. I don’t like the sample much but the producer gets props for keeping it simple and not over-layering the track like a lot of producers do.
    @dg15 A video for Money Trees woulda been better than 1 for this I agree, I think every album serves a different purpose and to me GKMC (and Section 80 and OD for that matter) has a chilled vibe and Money Trees embodies that, Poetic Justice just doesn’t do it for me, I think if a track isn’t gonna be original it’s gotta be real good at whatever it’s tryna do but I don’t think it does that, it’s average and if it was on any other album and performed by any other 2 artists it wouldn’t get any credit

  • david

    ^the word I was lookin for at the end was ‘hype’, not ‘credit’

  • JAyP

    He got those views because he reached his commercial plato by working with the right people to get him there! You’re saying you’re mad that conscious rappers aren’t getting those type of views well whose to say those rappers don’t want those kind of views (because they want their true fans to only vibe to it because they’ll understand) OR they aren’t messing with the right individuals to get themselves to that point of all those views

    Kendrick is I say a 85% conscious rapper he sacrificed some SOME of that percentage to lure the commercialized fans into his music! & I think he did PERFECTLY! I feel in this generation sneaking more of the consciousness into Radio Stations and Television now a days is BIG!

  • Kendrick Lamar is sttaight dope He and drake really kill this track
    I fucks wit Kendrick
    for hip hop news like this check out my blog

  • StonedNegro

    @David maybe those guys who can’t get 15k views needs to learn how to market themselves a little better. Just saying. Ain’t nobody fault but their own. Those who “made it” almost always say the music industry is 10% music and 90% business. Maybe those “putting out tracks where EVERY line is a quotable” should learn the business side of music since they’ve perfected the music part or else they’ll forever be on that forever growing list of dope emcees that never got a shot.

  • Clayton Bigsby

    marty mcfly: Not surprised you like this. This is probably the song you and your homies listen to. All in a room together. This is the one song I skip.

    Drake = Automatic fail.

  • Mike Tomlin

    Not that I hate it but this is my least favorite song on the album. Really its the only one I skip and even through Ive heard Swimming Pools 100+ times now I still love that song. This one not so much.