Snoop Dogg & Suge Knight Reunite

blame it on Illy February 22, 2013

We’re not exactly sure what this means but Snoop Dogg, who was at the AV Club in the City of Angels on Monday, Instagram’d a picture of him and his former Death Row label boss Suge Knight. Apparently Snoop “misses those Death Row days!

  • None

    Who wouldn’t “misses those Death Row days.“

  • Venom

    I hope he meant the music and not the drama.

  • spewing

    Fuck Suge.. don’t do it Snoop

  • Chuck E

    Suge obviously back on his bodyguard shit…. #ohhowthemightyhavefallen

  • who cares

    Wanna know what I miss? When Snoop actually made good music. It’s been far too long since he’s put something out that I actually enjoyed.

  • ss

    snoop and suge are cool??? i still dont believe that shit.

  • tj

    Situations happen for an reason snoop remember all your vocals have been erased from detox sessions dre is gonna keep his distance from u ( murder trail also) this is going to play out very interesting ..

  • RealWorldSteve

    Always knew they were on the same team yo…if you’re an 80’s baby, you’ve seen them duck more sticky situations than Frank Lucas. On top of that, colors don’t lie, but apparently they create special accommodations for “privileged members.” Real “gangsters” are dead or in jail. Credentials don’t lie homie. Both their asses were paid for.