Kanye West: “I Got Love For Hov, But I Ain’t F*cking With That Suit & Tie”

blame it on Miss_Peas February 23, 2013

Rants on rants, rants on rants, rants on rants. All eyes were on Kanye West, as he went on a rant about the Grammy Awards, President Barack Obama, Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z’s “Suit & Tie” and much more while performing at the Hammersmith Apollo in London. Kanye says:

“I hate business people.”

“I don’t give a fuck what the president got to say.”

“The grammys can suck my dick.”

“I’ve never won a Grammy against a white person.”

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  • fml this sucks

    i had so many hopes for a JT x Kanye track now that JT was back NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • whateveriguess

    The grammys are full of people of an older generation. Thats how stupid bands will win. HOWEVER, you got 21-22 grammys in your belt. Are you REALLY complaining about how you didnt win a grammy against a white guy. WHO CARES. Its just a frustrating thing. And I wish I knew why he hates suit and tie. Thats so random. and unnecessary. I still love kanyes music though.

  • Jesse Jackson

    give a nigga a rope and he wanna be a cowboy

  • lm

    Such a chip on his shoulder. You can’t go around throwing accusations around about racial prejudice. Business people are the reason he’s as succesful as he is. He is big enough to go independant if he really feels that strongly – or does he want money just like the business people doing their jobs?

  • whateveriguess

    ^^ I agree.

  • Chris

    “I’ve never won a Grammy against a white person.”

    Kanye West is officially a racist…

  • gt


  • whateveriguess

    Like alot of people are tired of the rants and outlandish type behavior. I mean the fans that grew up with him. Its old now.

  • marty mcfly

    “So Kanye’s mad at big brother, I guess whatever works/ you dont fuck with Suit & Tie, we dont fuck with leather skirts”.


    @whateveriguess You getting tired of it but you still click on the post and press play tho???

    You know how stupid you sound

  • T9FTW

    What the fuck was that 50’s white housewife he was doing at 8:36-9:34?

  • T9FTW

    housewife VOICE*


    If you dislike rappers that rant! you faggots would have hated 2pac

  • wqe

    true shit that is true shit. but you know how these old heads condemn new rappers for the same behavioral traits for which they praise their favorites. its not about the rant its just about their own unhappiness that they project on the new cats

  • Jordan

    This is too funny; BTW, he was speaking the truth at the end

  • j1

    yall like when this nigga gets emotional but when Wale does it he’s gay….

  • “remind me why rappers rap about fuckin someone else’s bitch”-Kris Humph…I mean Kanye West

  • TruthHurtsNigga

    Said it for a while, but Kanye is falling the fuck off, and he’s losing fans with the quickness.

    The signs of a desperate man. Last album was ‘meh’ in musical form. Kim K. The baby.

    The chip on the shoulder. The race card played at any opportunity.

    He is fast becoming a disgrace to the black race and I hope Hov ethers this loud mouth, skirt wearing niglett.

  • Smh LOL

    @TruthHurtsNigga You sound like a stupid piece of shit

  • TruthHurtsNigga

    ^^ Kanye has some classics. But he is a bitter, bitter old man.

    Take your head out of his leather kilt bruh bruh.

  • Smh LOL

    @TruthHurtsNigga I think Kanye is an ok rapper, not much of a fan of his at all

    but the fact still remains you sound like a stupid piece of shit

  • “Last album was meh” ?? Are you talking about MBDTF?? That album is a masterpiece. Watch The Throne and Cruel Summer are compilation albums so you can’t compare those to his solo work. You niggas act like he dissed your parents or something. He’s just rightfully speaking his mind.

  • JAyP

    Why does he want White people to accept him so much?

  • who cares

    Dude is such a child. I’m still waiting for him to empty a clip in his dome.

  • FanOfAFan

    @TruthHurtsNigga how does “Kim. K” and “the baby” justify him falling off? So dating and having a child with one of reality tv’s richest women means your falling off? How does that even RELATE to him “falling off” music wise? MBDTF was his last album, and that shit was full of gems. WTT was between average and dope. The GOOD MUSIC oompilation album was average to me, but it spawned two BIG hits with “Mercy” & “Clique.” HOW IS HE FALLING OFF? lol


    He only said he doesnt’t fuck with suit and tie because he doessn’t like business.

  • BroskiGotThe.30

    what its been 12years of kanye in the main stream and niggas are just nowwww complaining about him having a “chip on his shoulder” ……are you fuckin serious? …lol n00bs…

  • marty mcfly

    If people feel like Kanye is falling off I cant say I blame them. Yes his last album was MBDTF in which several other artists helped put together and since then he’s put out alot of music and some of it is dope but he has a shit load of features, a whole label full of artists working with him and a gang of other producers making the shit and not to mention Jayz doing a whole album with him. And he’s still mad? FOH. Am I saying Kayne cant make shit on his own? NO, is Kayne still dope? YES but lets not sit up here and act like this dude has just been making some mind blowing shit lately cause he hasn’t (as a solo artist that is). Now if the way Kanye acts is normal to you then fine but surely you can sense that something is going on with this guy. This is not the first rant or the 2nd or the 3rd, this is a long continued history of outbursts and questionable behavior. Now I dont think Kanye meant to throw a shot at Jay BUT why would he even say anything that can be taking the wrong way? Why would he diss business people when thats what he is himself. Kanye aint just a producer/rapper, he’s a business man obviously and that brings me to my next point which is how far should a person go for attention? After winning a shit load of grammys now you gonna say fuck the grammys? How does that make sense? After reaching such a success level, how does it make sense the throw shade on the very people that helped you get there? This aint rocket science. You mean to tell me you never thought to yourself that Kanye be trippin? COMEONSON stop with the bullshit. Kanye aint no fucking struggling artists ok, he’s a super rich and famous artists slash music mogul. Done

  • malcyvelli

    Im gonna leave it at this, I’ve been a kanye fan (stan even) since day one, i play all of his shit on a regular basis, watch his old interviews on a regular basis, i even got a tattoo inspired by him, but im definitely getting tired of the rants, shit is old, when he was bitching about the grammys or something and telling niggas to go get britney on a track, it was funny and bold, but its been over a decade, the shit is just stale now, another kanye rant after this dude has won grammy after grammy and he still has room to complain about how his genius is not recognized, im tired of it especially after his last several projects have been lackluster compared to his previous drops on his track record, this nigga needs to get it together but im pretty sure hes too far gone

  • Artclasshero

    I love Kanye damn does he whine. What do you want dawg? You won 3 damn Grammy’s this year. StopYoBitchin

  • BroskiGotThe.30

    GTFOH broooooo his last solo album was the most critically acclaimed record he ever put out in his life …and he’s been doing quasi compilation albums since college dropout … niggas aint even dealing with the fact that his point on the grammies pertains to the shows lack of hiphop representation on a main scale being accurate (same shit will smith and jazzy jeff boycotted that bitch for over 20years ago btw)…yall bitching just to bitch.. which is ironic because thats the same shit you criticize him for …you niggas need to get it together ..

  • marty mcfly

    Lack of representation at the grammys? The person you see and hear most at the grammys the last two years was LL Cool J and they did acknowledge hip hop. Now some of you may wanna see a Rock The Bells type of concert at the Grammys but it aint that kinda event. Not saying it couldn’t be better but still though and they gave Kanye 20 something grammys already and some grammys this year and dude is still mad? Is that posed to make hip hop look cool or something? I dont think so

  • Swish15

    CD is ye’s best album to date. Critically acclaimed or not, imo. I hope jay responds with something like, “I got love for ye but I ain’t ever fk with the 808s & I made his heartbeat” haaa



  • NesTa

    Yep…fools need to watch the ‘Strategic Relocation’ Doc on Youtube. Life is more than money, fuckin peons.

  • Ahijah

    Does n’t Kanye have like 21 grammy’s ? how many does Nas have ? have many does 50 Cent have ? his the last one who should be complaining about grammy’s !!! people who say they don’t care what this person thinks or that person thinks is lying to themselves . Business people made Kanye a millionaire now all of sudden he don’t like them ? fall back Bitch

  • Mikael

    That line wasn’t a shot at JT. He was ranting about businessmen, so he probably meant “I got love for Hov (hiphop’s arguably biggest businessman), but I’m not fucking with those other suit&tie businessmen”.

  • speezola

    Fuck anybody who listens to rap and says some fruity shit like “You can’t go around throwing accusations around about racial prejudice.” Shut yo sensitive ass up and go listen to country records. Not giving a fuck about mainstream America is what rap is built on. And the Grammies are racist as fuck. Like America as a whole, as usual.

    • lm

      Sensitive? if as you say America is racist (god help you if you ever go to the rest of the world if you think America is racist), then it us important not to go around calling people racist. Being called a racist is not something to take lightly.

      Throwing around shit like kanye because he didn’t win all the Grammys he wants undermines serious issues both in America and round the world where racism is an actual problem.

      get your head out of kanyes arse.

  • j

    he meant the song

    that suit an tie wouldn’t be worded like that if he meant business men

    also hes racist doesn’t like Taylor Swift, doesn’t like JT.

    go figure.

  • SforMusic

    First saying Kanye West falling off is by far a very stupid statement secondly the Grammys need to place hip-hop in a better spot and i mean a real better spot with country, rock and popand a tribute song by LL Cool J and Chuck D at the end was not needed (Sorry Heads !). That being said, Kanye is whining on this one, He makes a statement which he’s gonna take back and complaining about not winning album of the year for the Grammys against a white guy ? The guy is the most awarded person in history, his accolades shits on alot of musicians, white and black soo he needs to chill out about that . People are in a worst situation than him

  • sympho


  • quire


  • marty mcfly

    Why is saying Kanye West is “falling” off a stupid statement? Did you see this video? Is this a good look? NO, saying he’s falling off doesn’t mean he already fell off but alot of people dont believe MBDTF, Cruel Summer, WTT and 808s is Kanye at his best. People have been said that after Graduation they feel like he’s “falling” off so that statement isnt that stupid. 2nd the grammys dont owe hip hop nothing. Would I like to see them have better hip hop artists up there sometimes? Yeah but getting mad at them when they dont have to acknowledge hip hop at all is ridiculous. Hip Hop is obviously the best genre of music year after year but hip hop cant just musically be better, hip hop gotta beat them three times over just to prove the point and part of the problem is these kinda outbursts end up knocking the whole culture down further. Those business people that Kanye is talking about will remember what he said and do their best to ignore any other hip hop acts in the future based on Kanye’s bullshit. You know how many hip hop artists dont win shit even during a year where they dominated not only hip hop but pop music as well? Jay has lost before so has Nas so has Drake, so has 50 (the nigga went diamond twice fam and didnt win shit until he was feature on an Em album) etc… Lastly the song LL Cool J did with Chuck D wasn’t a tribute song, it was a new song and for those in this new generation who aint familiar with them two? Or what they’ve done in hip hop hey that too bad, I know you probably wanted to see Black Hippy up there or something but the grammys aint that kinda party.

  • marty mcfly


  • Robenum

    Oh shit, hahaha Damn Kanye. I feel you tho.

  • Leg


  • datdude

    Damn this dude is a fucktard… He stay losing


    Kanye is the biggest piece of shit on mother earth. Nobody likes you or your shitty ass music.They shouldn’t let people like you reincarnate……….Now were gonna have a cross between a complete moron and and a chick with no brains. She gives up her coochie to any idiot with money and then turns around and takes their money. I wish I was Taylor swift on the stage that day so I could’ve slapped the livin shit outta your punk ass!!! Your a puny little wussy with a crooked face that as long as your bodyguards are near, your a tough guy…………When your baby comes into this world, it’s gonna look at you you two as parents and go WTF????? Let me back in, I don’t want you two losers as parents!!!!! I honestly can’t believe the world actually pays to see these two idiots…That just means the world has many other inbreed morons just like Kanye and Kim………We can only hope they use the rest of their money to by an island and purchase everything over the internet so we will never have to see either of them again!!!! Is their an app for that? BTW, take your “I pimp my daughters” mother to that island also, she’s the biggest ho bag money monger of them all……I never post on this crap, but I’m sick and tired of hearing about Kanye and the Kardashians every time I turn on my PC!!!!!!!!

  • the realest

    first off, racism is alive and kicking. just bcuz barack is pres doesnt mean shit. the civil rights movement was only like 60yrs ago. who cares if he got 20 something grammys. the nigga deserved it. but him not winning against someone white? that says something. yall just choosing to ignore it cuz “he got like 20 something grammys.” the fact that he hasnt won against someone white means “they” still feel like our art is inferior to theirs.

  • BroskiGotThe.30

    You niggas are dull as fuck man …. kanye has won ALL of his awards in the specified negro categories … the four major prestigious categories that a hip hop artist has NEVER won btw(sorry lboog & love below were not hiphop albums) would be best new artist, album of the year, record of the year, song of the year …. i keep seeing 21 gammys! 21 grammys! … man shut the hell up … sounding stupid as shit … his point was that hiphop artist dont get respected and represented fairly at the grammys and if you look at the history the proof is in the pudding …. they dont even got damn televise the best rap album of the year award …and you niggas is in here talking about ..”just shut up and be happy your black ass got anything” … GTFOH with that bullshit mentality … that shit is sad…. lol @ bringing up LL cool J …nigga aint dropped an album in 5 years … i doubt them folks at the show even remember he’s a rapper …

  • Pain&Gain

    Kanye’s a troll haha. He just needs some attention for his next project

  • Lance Geneva

    @BroskiGotThe.30 – Realest comment thust far…

  • gregory kruxx.

    @BroskiGotThe.30 and @Lance Geneva. U 2 are the only ones that seemed to have brains on this comments section. Im sure there were a few others but no one for the most part seem to understand what Kanyes talking about…Smh. Everything he says makes complete sense. Dnt get it twisted he handles his business but certain things only business people focus on which is what has essentially fucked music up in terms of creativity etc…stuff he doesnt care about
    yall really need to pay closer attention to things…sheep

  • BroskiGotThe.30

    @gregorykruxx ….word man …straight fuckin sheep out here

  • Bronx

    I think when he says suits and ties he’s talkin about businessmen the whole rant is about the politics oft the industry

  • the realest

    overall, niggaz is just stating the obvious. how you gon get upset about the music BUSINESS. niggaz is frontin’ you and need they shit back plus they cut. get like jay and handle that shit. or go independent. yall make more than enough anyway. end of the story. aint like you a teacher, doctor or laborer. yall eatin off music.

  • Wow, reading through the comments you’d think this guy said something sacrilegious.

    I think Kanye is just lost. Hahaha, there’s no real message to any of his music outside of the fact that he has a million messages that sometimes contradict each other. That’s how it’s been since the beginning. It’s just what he feels like saying at the moment.

    The first song he performs “Clique” starts with “You got money? Fuck it, cause I want some,” then says fuck money it’s about the art. Hahahaha.

    But I’ll give Kanye credit he puts forth some dark singles for a guy with as much mainstream presence as he does.

    As for “Suit & Tie” he just thinks that song sucks.

    The man has always been erratic since College Dropout that’s why I don’t see why everyone is up in arms about it now. Most musicians throughout history have their demons.

  • marty mcfly

    @the realest, Broski, Stop it. I see what you trying to say but it’s a difference between taking a stand on behalf of hip hop music and just doing some all out nigga shit just for attention. The grammys nominated this nigga 50 times and he wins 21 grammys and its fuck the grammys because they dont give him more? I get it but stop the bullshit cause its alot of white artists that dont have as many grammys as Kanye either. You acting like this is the first time you’ve noticed that the grammys aint the BET Hip Hop awards. Hip Hop doesn’t need the grammys acknowledgments at this point because everybody already knows whats up. In 2010, Drake should’ve went home with a few grammys but he left with none. He didnt cry and bitch about it, he just made more music and then won best rap album last year. Stop expecting the grammys to do more for hip hop if hip hop doesn’t do more for hip hop. Alot of those grammy business people im sure are getting money based on music that did not come outta the hip hop culture so of course they gonna acknowledge where the other genres. Go check how much money those pop artists and country artists make in comparison to these rappers. Now that part of the game isnt respected by hip hop purists which is fine but im sure a bunch of people at the grammys are eating off alot of that corny pop music so it makes sense that they gonna hand out awards to artists that are generating money for them. They still found time to give Kanye a couple grammys this year and nominate conscious rappers like Lupe and let a black man host the show. So just stop it

  • marty mcfly

    Kanye wants people to not look at money, sales and business because he wants the music to just be judged for the music. Well I feel like Lupe Fiasco makes better music the Kanye West but not many would agree with that based on the fact Kanye has more money, sales and fame (which generates more business). The same shit that Kanye is venting about outside of talking about the business he hates so much which is paying him millions.

  • BroskiGotThe.30


    soooooooo ….what i just read seems to say that you essentially agree with everything ye spoke on about the grammys …yet your still upset just at the fact he said it? …lol … now you know that just dont make no kind of sense right…

    and your whole attitude as far as “just be happy you were acknowledged” seems real ass backward bruh …. that shit is just weird … im not a dude thats just happy with the scraps left on the table …i hope your arn’t either

    and lastly ye wants art to be at the forefront…. and not to be compromised by corporate factions …. not corporate factions to go away entirely …i mean shit he has a partnership with nike of the biggest corps in the world …so how would what your saying make sense

  • marty mcfly

    What attitude that “just be happy you were acknowledged”? We not talking about the many artists who’ve made incredible music but dont have not even won grammy. We talking about Kanye West, a nigga with 20 grammys. Now Kanye just won two grammys this year so how many more grammys would you want him to win in order to make you and him happy? Lastly Kanye might hate the business but alot of his issues with the business, he brought on himself by making these kinda rants instead of just letting the music speak for itself.

  • MJ50

    The mainstream rap game is like a high school scene, and Kanye is the head cheerleader. For real Kanye’s BEEN a spoiled insecure emotional bitch who continues to makes impulsive outbursts. Fuck Kanye and his first world, self inflicted “problems”. For the most part, rappers are cliche and embarrassing. If you don’t think so you must listen to rap for the beats and aren’t paying attention to the lyrics. Quit defending rappers like Kanye as if you’re on their payroll. Without the money & the fame, most rappers would just be ignorant loudmouths. Quit worshipping celebrities and diefying people who can’t get past themselves to see what they really have.

  • marty mcfly

    They gave him 7 grammys just in the last couple years and a bunch of grammys before that and two weeks ago they was still giving him grammys. So now its fuck the grammys for not acknowledging Kanye West? Thats bullshit.

  • TDC

    He wasn’t saying he doesn’t fuck with the song Suit and Tie… he’s saying he doesn’t fuck with corporate as shit, “Suits”

  • Exhibit C

    @marty mcfly

    You seem to always focus on the points where you feel like you know you’re right but whenever someone makes a really good point against you you’ll ignore it and just repeat one of your points from before.

    How about you address the point about a black artist never winning “new artist, album of the year, record of the year, song of the year” instead of just repeating “he won 21 grammy’s”.

    I’m gonna predict in advance that you’re gonna ignore this.

  • marty mcfly

    @Exhibit C, You want me to address that then ok, that is true in most cases. There has been some black people that have won in some of those categories but I get your point. Now you may think that somebody was making that point against me which is fine cause again I see your point but surely you can see how a nigga with 21 grammys and 53 nominations aint really the guy that should be complaining right? What happens if the make it a point to not give any awards to anymore hip hop artists period? Now that probably wont happen but things like that do kinda work against not only Kanye but other hip hop artists that never said shit about the grammys.

  • Exhibit C

    @marty mcfly, All I got from that is “Kanye shouldn’t be the one to complain” so you agree with the message but you don’t like where it’s coming from? That’s not really an argument against it.

    “What happens if the make it a point to not give any awards to anymore hip hop artists period?” – So you’re saying hypothetically it’s ok if the Grammy’s are a little bit racist as long as they give us something. Let’s just hope they don’t take away hip hop all together? That’s similar, though not on the same level, to saying “what’s this Rosa Parks bitch complaining about? At least they’re letting us ride the bus. What if they take away buses all together?”

    I don’t necessarily believe the Grammy’s are racist, I can see both sides of this argument, I’m just playing devil’s advocate.

  • marty mcfly

    I didn’t say I agree with Kanye’s message because there are statements in his message I dont agree with. I dont agree with his some of his message and I dont agree with how he delivered that message and I dont agree that the position and weight he carries in hip hop should not be used to tell other music factions to suck his dick because another hip hop artist who didnt say shit at all could probably pay the price for it next time they get nominated for something. I didnt say its ok for the grammys to be a little bit racist either. I explained I why think the grammys give so many awards to genres outside of hip hop already. I have already stated that it probably does come down to money, sales and business and that I can agree with Kanye but I dont think Kanye west is speaking for the culture here. He has made millions off being a grammy award winning artists and at one point he wanted to make a crew called the Grammy Family and he also is profiting off doing business with some of these business people. So no I dont agree with Kanye.

  • Exhibit C

    Ok makes sense, you win

  • marty mcfly

    And another thing is why does Kanye need the grammys acknowledgment after they’ve already acknowledged him more so then most of the other artists at the grammys? And if he’s speaking for the culture, does them not giving a hip hop artist an award make or break the culture? NO, we have a series of our own award shows and mainstream platforms that happen alot more then the grammys. Their award show dont stop our show and Kanye does not speak for the whole hip hop culture because he aint reasonable enough to carry the whole culture with how he acts and the things he says.

  • Exhibit C

    I don’t think the Grammy panel is a group of evil, racist, old white people determined to destroy hip hop for their own evil agenda. But I do think that a lot of people, maybe people on the Grammy panel, have some subconscious racist tendencies whether they want to or not. It takes people like Kanye, who is either “crazy” or “genius” depending on who you ask because there’s a fine line between the two, to bring it to everyone’s attention from a platform that everyone can hear. And that’s how change happens.
    I think we can all agree that we want hip hop to receive the same level of respect as any other form of music, which I don’t believe it has right now judging by some of the looks some people give me when I’m bumping hip hop in my car.

    DISCLAIMER: the paragraph above reflects my personal views and I do not claim these views to be facts, just opinions.


    You all got to chill from some aspects. Grammys only brought hiphop into the fold 19 years ago

  • nate

    how do you say kanye isn’t relevant in music? this topic alone has 74 comments already when this nigga wears clothes its sold out before he’s back at his crib, he drops a song and its on the radio 10 minutes later with the edited version, he rants at a concert and everyone discusses it. Kanye is the most relevant musician in hip-hop currently no contest

  • BroskiGotThe.30

    Mannnnnn This dude is still talking about 21 Grammys? Still? …. Mannnnnn gawt damn …. Fuck it …damn point has clearly gone flying over hommies head …. It’s ok … He’s right …Kanye should just be a good little rappa boy and be happies dat dem good folks Ova dere at dem awards shows paid po Lil hiphop any attentions at alls …. Dey should be o sooo’s happies

    What a joke …my man you talking about kanye messin it up for future MCs bruhhhhhh wake up its happening right now! … What are you talking about the next mc is gonna have it rough because of what he said …. Have you not been paying attention to the prior 20 years? Kanye is that mc … Nas is that mc …. Lupe is that mc

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ No Kanye is not that MC because he has won so many grammys its ridiculous. The grammys hand Kanye awards like its going outta style but yet he bitches about getting more. FOH

  • BroskiGotThe.30

    You clearly are cherry picking the points you want to focus on… Smh

  • ear2ear

    LOL you’ll really bitching at him bc he wants MORE GRAMMYS? Hahahahaha. Ok.
    I guess Kobe Bryant should just settle for 5 rings instead of working towards a sixth. Or how about MJ just coasting the rest of his career after his second championship. The man wants best album period. He doesn’t want best rap album. Best album. And he should. Hes a competitor at his craft retards. As much as you dumbasses think the freaking BET awards are validating no real artist gives a fuck about the bet award hahaha.

  • marty mcfly

    So do you need validation from the grammys then? Why is the grammys more important to hip hop then award shows put on by people from within the culture? You bring up Kobe Bryant but Kobe never said he hates the business of basketball and the NBA can suck his dick cause he wants more rings. Especially during the same month he wins a championship ring. This dude probably has more grammys then some pop icons but its fuck the grammys right? Smh Kanye wins some more grammys, Nas doesn’t win shit but Kanye still feels he should get more right? How do you not see what im saying here, its really not that hard fool.

  • marty mcfly

    Not saying Kanye shouldn’t compete or saying he should just settle but damn nigga, two weeks go by after you just won some more grammys and somehow you mad at the grammys? Did he put out a new album this month or something? NO, so make music first then bitch about not getting awards because chances are they will still throw another 2 or three grammys at Kanye and thats even if his music aint the best shit out. Kanye was referring to his click as the Grammy Family for so long that the grammys practically worship the nigga with awards every year he puts some shit out. FOH

  • BroskiGotThe.30

    yes …..fuck the grammys ….its really not that hard fool

  • ear2ear

    Imagine if Kobe only won the western conference finals but not the NBA finals. Imagine he made the NBA finals 23 times and lost every time but was the western conference champ. Do you think that he should be satisfied? Kanye wants recognition as the best MUSICIAN. He wants ALBUM OF THE YEAR not just best rap album of the year. Whether its warranted or not is a matter of opinion, but when MBDTF is the most critically acclaimed album in quite some time and also a commercial success, he has a very valid point to ask why it not only didn’t win album o the year but wasn’t even considered. Now if you can’t see the flaw in that and only want to point to the fact that he’s won a lot of Grammies strictly in the rap category, then God bless. What your problem is is that you live strictly within the confounds of hip-hop. But others would like to see a rap album be judged and acclaimed next to albums of other genres. That’s all. Peace.

  • marty mcfly

    Kanye probably has more grammys then every other hip hip artists period and every other pop artists, R&B singer and country artists to come out during his era. Smh dude is ungrateful as shit and even if you think he’s justified in his actions, common sense would tell you something is wrong here with how he talking.

  • marty mcfly

    @ear2ear, dont just assume how I feel about the grammys cause I gave my opinion on the grammys a long time ago BUT maybe they just dont feel Kanye had the best album. Maybe its that simple. You talking WTT or what? That won two grammys. You talking about Cruel Summer? Ok he won a grammy there too. You talking about MBDTF? Ok he won a grammy there too. You talking about best album like its just obvious he should win in everybody else eyes, even in the eyes of people who aint even really into hip hop like that. You talking about commercial success? Ok is Kanye the only artist to have commercial success? Adele sold ten million and Arcade Fire also went multi platinum so is that not commercial success? Kanye still got more awards in other categories but that aint good enough? I mean I dont have to go any further, if you still cosigning his rants then hey that cool but I think he up there looking crazy and the grammy people gotta be saying damn we gave this fool so many grammys that he out here looking like the king and then its fuck the grammys? Wow

  • SforMusic

    @marty mcfly it is stupid because when has a video of Kanye ranting ever stopped him from making good music especially for the last 3 years and the same ppl who think MBDTF, Cruel Summer, WTT and 808s are not his best work are probably the same ppl in blogs like this saying shit like i miss Kanye on Graduation- i hate him with Kim and therefore they don’t necessarily represent the majority. 2nd the grammys don’t owe hip-hop but they should look outside and see that Hiphop is the new majority, I’m saying put them in a better spot with the Pop and Rock genres side by side because we are doing better than them anyways and it would be pretty stupid to put them in a
    pre-telecast. Kanye has won 21 grammys and talked shit to businessmen about not being able to win best album, it aint the businessmen whose hurting the culture it’s Kanye. They will always give Kanye every award except best album cos it’s always good business so in a way he is limiting the number of Hip-hop acts getting a Grammy

    PS:i’m 21 and i am well aware of LL’s contribution and Chuck D’s contribution and I’m also well aware of timing, and it still wasn’t the time for it

  • Vandellish

    I came here to see what his problem with ‘Suit and Tie’ was and I now agree with some of the poster’s that he was probably talking about corporate culture.

  • Wesson

    Kanye West… This guy is the most arrogant, self-indulgent asshole in the whole music industry (whether he accepts it or not, he is a 100% sell out).
    He can’t help bitching, crying, ranting, he wears leather skirts…. he became a real attention whore, that’s ridiculous.
    I can’t believe he even has the nerve to diss Jay-Z… He’s biting the hand that fed him.

  • yo somebody really said business men are the reason kanye west is successful?! Backwards thinking motherfucker please kill yourself before your ignorance spreads to innocent minds

  • nate

    literally all of you missed the mark on the suit and tie comment, may have been his feelings on the real song and jiggas art direction, but he was mostly referring to corporate business men

  • frylock

    you know kanye instead of bitching how about you put out GOOD Ass Job! so we can be proud of you again. because after graduation you fell the fuck off. people can say what they want but anything after graduation doesn’t live to his first three classics.

  • kanye lost his shit. officially this time.

  • DirtyRotten

    Someone please properly ether this clown once and for all and let the game move on. Damn.

  • Gigi

    Kim and Kanye look fabulous.