Saturday Night Sexy: Valeria Orsini

blame it on Illy February 23, 2013

Twitter: @Valeria_Orsini/Instagram: valeria_orsini

The Colombian/Italian/Puerto Rican model Valeria Orsini shows off the goods on a Saturday night. A ton of her sexiest flicks after the jump. If that isn’t enough, feel free to lurk the Atlanta-born glamour model’s 500+ Instagram photos.

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  • BringMoreHoes

    Sometimes the sight of girls that look remotely white make my taste buds run away.

  • mineisbigger

    more than likely not real but nice rack

  • Ayeeee

    I just remembered to masturbate

  • Billy

    oh sweet jesus

  • Frank Ocean

    THIS IS BULLSHIT! I’m protesting against this homophonic website. you can post my music on here but we can’t get no gay male models on here?????? smh


    i swear half of yall on the site are gay, this chick is fucking BEAUTIFUL i dont care if they’re real or fake she can bounce those titties on my dick any day

  • Dem…eyes.

  • goodlawd

    To the fap cave!

  • wayne

    i don’t care if the tits are fake, they can still get titty fucked

  • gee dot que

    @BringMoreHoes same here homie…not even on no racist shit…its just like…i came here for the hood ass big booty video “model” bitches

  • GetReal

    This one looks like a hot Coney Island hot dog vendor, or the daughter of cabbie. Get the fuck out of here. Hitting this and not calling back.

  • 100K YRLY


    lmao you’re a crazy nagger

  • TiggaTy


  • k_q_b

    Why aren’t there any BLACK girls on SNS? I’m so confused man. Yeah all the girls are hot and all but damn, can I get a dark skinned sexy girl once in a while??? Jeez

  • Whitey ford

    Well most niggers are ugly and by reading most of your posts stupid too

  • larry

    i just JIZZED MY PANTS!!!!!

  • T-Dubb (AKA Royal T)

    y’all need to quit hatin’/ if she ran up on you in the club you’d cream your jeans & you know it

  • Aye

    I’m not all that into white girls but she’s nice rather have a another SNS feature tho on my team


    nah…she look like a female version of lady gaga…

  • KayDee

    She looks like Gaga.

  • Carpey

    She’s a 10 in North Dakota… Bologna ass hoe..

  • cam

    She’s definitely the sexiest Saturday Night Sexy chick I seen!!! Must of beat my meat like 12 times ta this chick already!!!