Young Buck – I See Why f. Tha City Paper

blame it on Miss_Peas February 23, 2013

Young Buck and Tha City Paper drop the first single from their upcoming collaborative effort, G.A.S. (Gangsta & Street) 2, which drops March 15th. Young Buck also took to Twitter to voice his opinions on the G-Unit situation.

Haven’t Spoken To Fif in about 7 years I think it’s time we talk… It’s Not About The Reunion.. it’s bigger than that it’s about life and acknowledging your wrongs and moving forward..I was a Young Buck..

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  • Lance Geneva

    Tell this nigga to drop a hit before he crawls back to 50’s dick.. Should’ve stayed loyal from the jump nigga..


    no one cares.. -Said Everyone

    The whole reunite G-Unit thing would be great if 50 was not a dick about it. The only one truly relevant anyways is Game. So for him to dismiss the whole thing, although understandable, is a big ego trip.

  • pILLpusha

    Game and Buck’s career would be up there if they weren’t disloyal. Loyalty is all Fif keeps the music and loot comin… He’s up!

  • topgun24

    Na I think banks is the only relevant more relevant than game anyway honestly this nigga. Had 30ffeats on Jesus peice and flopped harder than paciquo it’s jus funny when games knows it’s all over now u want a reunion but I want a reunion without game he was never a part of there succes anyway

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ Game’s last album did better then Hunger For More 2 and his last two albums had better lyrics and better beats.


    50 Has not been relevant for how long? Game is the only relevant former member of this clan.

    Jesus Piece did double of Hunger For More 2 in the first week. Banks is not at all relevant.

  • who cares

    Meh. Thought this was average. It just sounds like your average southern track. And I don’t see why Buck keeps hooking up with Tha City Paper, don’t understand what’s so great about him.

  • dope

    I am the biggest Buck fan, but this TRAP MUSIC SUCKS SOOO BAD. Come on Buck. Come out with some real music. That real reality rap you used to do. NO TRAP BEATS

  • MR MGN