50 Cent (Fails) At The Daytona 500 (Video)

blame it on Meka February 24, 2013

The description left on the YouTube is priceless:

At the Daytona 500 50 Cent went crashing and burning as he tried to lean in and take sports journalist Erin Andrew to the candy shop.

Pure tears.

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  • Cool Larry

    The white guy is looking at 50 like “i can’t stand you fucking niggers” LOL 00:37


    I think 50 trys too hard to make ppl think hes not gangster any more! ok we get it you’re not big bad 50 any more

  • ddave

    Cool Larry that’s so true. I get that look when I’m out in public places where a lot of White couples are at the bar. And salute 50 Cent for kissing that girl!

  • Chuck E

    Like that’s the worst thing Erin Andrews had to deal with at her job…

  • slickjohnsonJR

    That looks like a bet that 50 just won….the look on his face is priceless.

  • marty mcfly

    I’m gay

  • I See White People

    No, that white guy is looking at him like “dude, that wasn’t cool”.

    Are you guys THAT oversensitive? That’s really kinda pathetic. There’s nothing racial here… just a shut-down.

  • While you blog on your computer

  • WilliamWellingtonIII

    Why did he have to follow her like a rapist for?

  • Cool Larry

    @I See White People oversensitive??? Maybe you should take your own advice b/c you are the only one that sounds like a lil sensitive bitch smh LOL

  • 50

    50 didnt get shutdown, she was facing the wrong way at first then adjusted. Slow motion doesnt do him justice lol

  • qwrw

    of all the places to try to a kiss white woman he does it at a nascar event lol wow

  • randy

    a little awkward on her part but people are really over analyzing that guys face. thats the way he always looks. why does the hip hop community always love to add false context to pictures and videos where there is none?

  • Score?

    Seriously… 50’s a pig. He does crazy shit like this everywhere he goes. Slapping random girls on the red carpet, etc.

    But who cares. I bet she does worse things behind the scenes! Mad props to 50 for not kissing her on the lips…

    and this has to be the most contradicting comment, ever!

  • Magic Stick

    She like: “Not on camera, nigga! I have a career to maintain.”

    50’s like: “That’s right, I kissed a white bitch at Nascar. What?!”

    Random white dude: “They shoulda never gave you niggas any money.”

  • lill

    it just looks like he was trying to kiss her on the cheek and she adjusted for that. DAMN people, there’s really nothing awkward about that. Then she asked him a question but if you pay attention, she says as he’s replying to her question that she has to meet someone. So he’s trying to save the situation by walking and answering with her. That’s all there is to it.

  • Lmfao 50’s face at the end though.



  • 2dope4nope

    Hahahahahaha at mark 0.40-0.43 that’s a look of every dude that says I just smashed that hahahaha! And for BHM in a damn nascar event a W for 50 haha

  • Get kissed or die tryin’!

  • b hollow

    omg yall 50 is so cute!

  • Mike

    He wasnt trying to kiss her on the mouth from the jump, but whatever

  • Check 50

    achievement smile at the very end…………. priceless ~ Chappelle voice


    white dude in the back got that “lynch em” face

    If that got on the jumbotron, 50 would’ve been bombarded with pibbs and coors


    crazy how this guy always finds a way into the spotlight, swear I forgot he was a rapper at one point.

  • Keebo