Frank Ocean – Eyes Like Sky

blame it on Miss_Peas February 24, 2013

Debonair vocalist, Frank Ocean just let loose this previously unreleased cut from the channel ORANGE recording sessions. Shouts to miss info.

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  • malcyvelli

    once again, another dope cut

  • trufax

    inb4 homophobes flood this post
    say this aint dope song

  • aaa

    sellouts. OFWGKTA

  • Bongwater

    did you even listen to the song?

    its obviously not a fuckin CO leftover this track is old as hell

  • Good Peoples!!!

    Debonair vocalist???? He his obviously using autotune

    @malcyvelli You sound like a idiot! not everybody who dislike his music is a homophobe STFU

  • Yeah this sounds more Lonny Breaux collection than NU or CO

  • TDC

    Yeah this is Lonny Breaux shit. You continue to suck, Miss_Peas

  • @TDC
    next time use a paper cut out of your dads dick cuz thats what you will continue to suck

    Miss_Peas out.

  • Omar

    I am a frank ocean fan, but this sounds like a fucking country pop song

  • 100

    Mothafuckas hitting the dope button just b/c they see frank ocean faggot ass

    But this is wack as hell

  • malcyvelli

    @Good Peoples!!! youre either a retard or like 12 because i said nothing in my comment that youre accusing me of, so what the fuck are you talking about?

  • inside information

    this sounds like a taylor swift song, that is not a compliment

  • pooonmeasap

    he’s a rnb pop artist what did you expect?