Lord Finesse Live In Toronto (Video)

blame it on JES7 February 24, 2013

Video footage of the Funky Technician performing at the Sound Academy in Toronto last night. Up top, Finesse makes his own epic rant, better than ‘Ye’s before letting DJ Precision hit the decks for a routine. After the break, catch a clip of Finesse’s entrance and performance of Praise the Lord and another clip of Finesse performing Mac Miller’s Hip 2 Da Game.

Praise the Lord

Hip 2 Da Game

  • Zombie

    Fuck this crab in the barrel ass racist. I’m not some huge Mac fan but with as many niggas that have sampled his shit how he decide to go after the one lil white dude getting some burn then claim it was no hard feelings? Shit besides that how you sue for a mixtape cut for a sample you didn’t even clear your goddamn self? Mac stayed respectful as fuck the whole way but he should’ve said fuck Finesse

  • david

    @Zombie Finesse paid Oscar Peterson for the sample. Mac didn’t simply sample Finesse, he completely STOLE the beat. Finesse took a tiny sample of a song and made something completely different from it. Mac took the whole of Finesse’s instrumental and did nothing new with it. Mac blew up off of it and Finesse sent him a letter sayin he wasn’t happy that he didn’t ask to use the beat and that he wants a bit of money or he’ll sue him. Mac ignored this so Finesse tried suing him for 10mil but they settled it on a smaller amount. How’s it respectful of Mac to not ask if he can use the beat and then ignore Finesse when Finesse contacted him. It’s not Finesse’s job to chase Mac up. Finesse ain’t racist. Fat Boy Slim (white artist) GOT IN TOUCH with Finesse for a vocal sample, Finesse gave it him for a small amount of money. If Finesse was racist he’d of told FBS to fuck off

  • james

    whatever case is behind closed doors, Finesse is all rejuvenated and shit now doing shows out of nowhere lol

  • Zombie

    @david So everybody who uses a beat on a MIXTAPE does something new with it huh? Get the fuck outta here with that fucking bullshit. As far as Mac getting big of it you sound like a goddamn Lord Finesse press release Mac did not get huge off fucking Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza it was just one of the better songs on K.I.D.S. anybody who pays any attention knows Donald Trump is what really made him take off so again Fuck Lord Finesse