Joey Bada$$ - Wendy-n-Becky f. Chance the Rapper (prod. Thelonius Martin)

Joey Bada$$ and Chance the Rapper link up for a little something for all the "thirsty sumchins" out there. #ProEraWeek

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  • soulo hoe

    shheeeeet chance went in, hot track!! smooth shit (y) loving the direction hip-hop is going/gone

  • Jackson

    ^^ real talk!...

    "after u done lick my testie" lool

  • Juicy-G

    Dope AF! Joey got owned lol. Not lyrically, but flow wise Chance killed him.

  • Mister Nicely

    Chance won this one, kinda bit kendrick's flow a little though. Dope ass song though!

  • iloveboysnohomo

    wack whens this dude putting out a club banger or proper single

  • Chuck

    jacking that kid daytona/6th sense swag

  • Ol’Greg

    Club banger or proper single. What's a proper single??????? How about we appreciate good hip hop not something with no substance that bangs in the club.

  • brooklyn

    ^^why cant people appreciate different kinds of music?
    good music doesn't always have to have substance

    • legend

      Silence you sound mad stupid

  • Id say the DJ Premier produced 'Unorthadox' was a pretty DOPE single. Not proper enough for you? Club Banger..maybe you've never listened to Joeys music before.

  • legend

    so you want us to appreciate bullshit? fuck outta here with that shit fuck a club banger just make good music and thats what joey does you sound beyond stupid talking about good music doesnt need substance you must be a lil b/ soulja boy ass nigga #BeastCoast #PROERA47

  • brooklyn

    No you sound beyond stupid because good music can be anything from a "concsious" record with a message to a club record with no message, there're are songs that have no lyrics and are considered "good" so I just proved you don't need substance to have a good isn't all about message, its also and MAINLY about vibe and feeling, your just being a hip hop purist(aka faggot) that is closed minded and only believes one type of music is good..for the record I like everything from joey badass to asap rocky good music comes in different sounds

  • dagawd


    They're both better than this

  • Naima!!


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