Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Cover L’Officiel Hommes

blame it on Shake February 25, 2013

Oh man, the internet is gonna have a field day with this one. I can see it now…

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  • wu

    That aint Kanye! Thats Ray J!

  • jb

    Ha. At the first comment. No hate here. She’s been around, but if given the chance I fucked her. Baby’s mom though..nah…kids will probably end up good looking which is a plus

  • Check

    This issue will prolly come with a bonus porno dvd entitled “Yeezy Taught me Pt.2”

  • Jenna

    this is sexy

  • marty mcfly

    Big deal, Ray J made a whole movie with this bitch that sold more then this magazine will.

  • who cares

    Are they aware that it looks like she’s getting fucked? Like really?

  • meh

    she do got a sexy ass fuckface…

  • yesssir

    they must have taken this picture months ago because she is the size of a beluga whale right now.

  • Geroy

    I hate this couple so fucking bad.
    It’s incredible their ego’s can occupy the same place

  • ohlord

    When did something that a man and woman do in the bedroom become something to showcase? Aint shit special these days…

  • lol

    ^^when porn was invented

  • oh ya Kanye isn’t a real musician trying to express himself, i mean, John Lennon was just an ego maniac getting naked for rolling stone too right??????

  • ‘Ye’s my nigga but I feel like he doesn’t think much of Kim. That’s the future mother of your first kid and you got her doing fuck faces for all the world to see? Then again, I ain’t no celebrity so I couldn’t relate and as we all know, normal rules don’t apply to this (sub?) species.

  • Ol’Greg

    Did someone actually compare Kanye to John Lennon. Really. Get yo head out the gutter and think before you type.

  • MacMillz

    Kanye is a bigger artist than John Lennon Was!!!

  • david

    People gossiping like they’re masters of controversy now. He ranted, he screamed, they took a photo. Stans tryna call it artistic expression is a joke

  • Check check

    Personally I look past this dude stunts and tantrum bullshits because the fact of the matter is his work is critically dope. I don’t give a fuck for his current frame of mind, abnormal behavior or life in general… as long as I have Kanye West quality music at the end of it all. People are too judgmental, might be the reason he trips so often

  • Tto

    Kanye is a bigger artist than John Lennon Was!!!

    MacMillz said this on February 26th, 2013 at 7:28 am

    lol, no.

  • Kanye West

    Man, Fuck all ya’ll niggas!!

  • Kim Kardashian

    ^Tell em boo!

  • D

    MacMillz. Stop talking son.

  • Gigi

    That’s part of the problem in this country as opposed to the french. The french don’t trip out about sexuality. In this country people are always doing shit in a cloaked manner and are not real about who they are. The french see sexuality as beautiful, provocative and beaautiful. Americans, grow the fuck up!