Logic – Walk On By (Video)

blame it on Shake February 25, 2013

Directed by GRVTY.

While out in LA recording his next project(s), the Maryland native drops off some new visuals for “Walk On By” produced by C-Sick.

  • dontdumpb4ujump

    WHy can’t this cat stop biting. He’s dope as hell, but he can’t stop jackin’ styles. Drake.. this ones def got helllllllla COLE in it.. its just like comeon. we aint gotta even look for it. it fucks me up cause im like yo, ehhh, this is G… then im like oh.. fuck…he aint slept in days, in his j’s.. then a whole buncha cole punch lines, then a whole bunch of cole tone.. just like he did with drake.. its a shame. he gunna dump before his jump gets off the ground.

  • Juicy-G

    You can’t tell me this nigga isn’t nice. Good shit Logic.

  • AndOneill

    Don’t hate!!! This Is 2dope, logic has to be one the most lyrical out, flow is ill, I picked up on the cole thing but this is way to nice to hate, tape gonna be fire, lookin forward to that shit,

  • StonedNegro

    @dontdumpb4ujump I agree, but disagree .. music now is kind of like watching the dunk contest. It’s hard to say someone is biting because it’s something we’ve already seen before. Yeah he sounds like drake on occasion and like cole on occasion but who’s to say he’s biting them? It’s a lose lose situation for new rappers now days though. If they stay in one lane, they’re one-dimensional, but if they show versatility they either draw comparisons or are said to be biting. It’s like when Cole came out with that track “Disgusting” people were saying he was biting Kanye.

  • $$$

    @AndOneill haha Logic leaving comments on his own shit

  • numberonehater


  • yup

    on the real though cole would murder this beat

  • nc0310

    Yall are hating on this dude. I guarantee if he didn’t look like a white boy everybody would be on his dick

  • yup

    oh and yeah this song is sick i enjoy dudes music

  • Marcus Reyna

    What brand of jacket is that. I really want it!

  • wat

    lol I’m a massive J. Cole fan and this is nothing like him. Cole rhymes too slow compared to Logic. Obviously Cole is better but stop hating on this dude. Sheesh.

  • adi Pre

    This is nice, no two fucking ways about it.