No Malice Speaks On His Return To Rap

blame it on Meka February 25, 2013

The elder brother of Pusha T sat down with Noisey to talk about his former manager’s run-in with the law, the unbreakable bond he has with his brother and family and, of course, his musical plans.

Tell me about your relationship with Pusha now.
It’s the same that it has always been. I think people try to make up things, but we never have any problems. We laugh and joke; everything is cool. We’re two grown men, and any two grown men that are still joined at the hip, to me, there’s something wrong with that. I’m definitely on my path. My lifestyle has changed. I’ve grown a lot and continue to grow. I’m not the same person that I was, and I’m trying to express that in my music. Pusha is doing his thing. He’s everywhere. He’s enjoying his work and everything that he has going on, and we’re proud of him and continue to show support.

You can read the rest of the interview here. That’s one step for man, one giant leap closer to a new Clipse album or Re-Up Gang mixtape.

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  • Exhibit C

    The greatest hip hop duo of all time along with Mobb Deep

  • Good Peoples!!!

    This is a real MC

    And i can’t wait 4 “My Name Is My Name” by his bro

  • Busta McThunderstick

    Further confirming Pusha has never sold a gram in his life.

    At least Malice admitted the shit he rapped/raps about never happened.

  • Check

    Niggaz can’t figure the format for hustler criteria…
    Not chrome, grown rims with stallion insignia

    ~ king Mal

  • Rich1hunnit

    If Pusha cut his hair..that is exactly what he would look like lol.