• Rude Judy

    "A spittin' image who will carry on my legacy..." Gat damn, let's hope not for the kid's sake.


  • adi Pre

    Cons getting it in, DQYDJ was a dope album, eat horse excrement if you think other wise.

  • Word

    When people see Consequence name, they immediately dislike this. This guy is an amazing song writer on his hustle.

  • brite

    Fuck this nigga's life.

    (the baby too nigga).

  • Kanye

    Ima let you finish, but my baby gon have the hottest baby song of all time.... ALL TIME!

  • Don C

    This song is corny fam

  • http://www.kanyewest.com hov

    what's 15 minutes to a nigga like cons could you please remind me