Gunplay Speaks On Avoiding Life Sentence

During his first evening as a free man, the Samurai Rabbit of the MMG clan spoke with NBC6 South Florida about being acquitted of all charges (despite being caught on camera).

I feel humbled. I feel blessed. I feel like I hit the lotto. I’m just happy to be back with my friends and family. I just wanted to publicly for the record apologize to the two parties involved, my family, the victim’s family. Shout out to the boss – you already know the Miami mayor, man, was behind me the whole time. And I ain’t going to blow it.I’m ready to work. I’m real focused.

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  • silence

    How are people mad that he's not going to jail?

  • peaceofpi

    silence, you must be either trolling or black to be asking that question

  • freshyboi

    he wasnt facing no life sentence for that petty ass robbery.

    mmg stays lying about everything.

  • gr00ve

    sadly this nigga will prolly end up in a casket within the next 2 years at this rate

  • werq

    i agree with silence the shit was so petty and didnt warrant any jail time let alone a life sentence all things considered

  • Good Peoples!!!

    Hey dumbasses did you ever stop to think that maybe it wasn't just the robbery that had him facing a life sentence, hes done things in the past and this was probly his last strike

    @peaceofpi I hope your mom does a life sentence

  • freshyboi

    i think if you're dumb enough to do some shit like that without a mask and you get caught on tape you deserve to go to jail. i've seen people convicted for less. not to mention he calls himself GUNPLAY.

  • Don’t Be Somthing Your Not

    It was a publicity stunt and now there using it as promo for Gunplay

  • PJ

    It was a publicity stunt and now there using it as promo for Gunplay


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