J. Cole Speaks At Harvard University (Video)

blame it on Shake February 26, 2013

Earlier today, J. Cole made a stop by Harvard University and spoke to a room full of students about a variety of topics as part of The Next Move: A Conversation with J. Cole. During the discussion, Cole speaks on his early influences (Kool Moe Dee, Bobby Brown and Michael Jackson) and who he listened growing up. In part two (shown after the jump), Cole speaks on his dreams of going to the NBA, the moment he realized he had a future in rap, his mother’s early support and more.

  • T9FTW

    He need to be speaking at a barbershop.

  • Mr. Nice Watch

    ^ Haha!

  • Durrealest

    with that sports jacket on…he should be preaching at the barbershop….no swag….preachhhh

  • DQ

    What do clothes have to do with swag? Swag isn’t something bought..

    Sometimes I wonder how we got to this particular space in time where we glorify and value the completely wrong things in life. . For example how can you watch this and only think to make haircut jokes? Things I don’t think I’ll ever understand. .

  • fuck2dopeboyz

    yall will post some jcole video but no charles hamilton 2dopeboyz been waack for 2 years or better

  • ewq

    @dq this site is full of hipster faggots thats why. 2 years ago they were on cole dick but the secong he sold 230k niggas turned on him. hipster faggots

  • 2

    i thought cole was doing great until after friday night lights. that mixtape was so much better than his album. imo rappers are best when they have that drive to make a name for themselves. once they’ve achieved that, you often don’t hear that anymore

  • brooklyn

    @dq, clothes have ALOT TO DO WITH “swag” …swag is basically your individualism..meaning how you express yourself….what you put on your body is a big part of expressing yourself

  • RapPizzaNikesHomies

    so no one bothered to record this with a actual camera instead of a potato?

  • DQ

    These days swag is completely over played and over stated. . Swag is how one carries themselves, every single person to have ever lived has had a swagger about them selves. But due to this word getting taken over by pop culture in recent years and the social and fashion trends that have become associated with said word, people have developed a fixed notion as to what this word means as if the word swag has a fixed definition that only certain categories of style fall under. While I will agree that a person’s sense of expression contributes to his or her swagger (and fashion certainly is a way for people to express themselves) you are who you are with or without clothes, bucket naked or dressed to the T.


    Lmao, “they just want to listen” *everyone storms in*

  • brooklyn

    @dq, true, but you and those people dont know who he is…so all they see is his clothes lol they’re referring to that part of his swag obviousy…you took it farther than it had to go lol swag is how one carries themselves just like its also how one dresses, so calling someone out for not knowing how to dress by saying they have no swag is definitely justified…you’re just trying to have a convo knowone cares about