Joey Bada$$ Talks Debut Album, Making Music & More (Video)

blame it on Meka February 26, 2013

Head down bottom to catch more footage from the Pro Era crew, including a performance of “School High.”

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  • Super49

    Hope he puts out a great album. Something as deep as Kendrick’s latest as opposed to the mediocre Side Line Story by J Cole.

  • marty mcfly

    Please lets not start expecting and comparing to Kendrick and J Cole. First off Kendrick already had hype on him that cant be matched thinks to Dr Dre and almost every medai outlet saying Kendrick was like the goat before they even heard his album. People already had their minds made up that the album was this and that before they even heard it. Cole had more support from the industry then any hip hop artists i’ve ever seen before. Cole had a buzz on him that had built up longer then 50 cents buzz before his album came out. There is no possible way Joey will have the same amount of hype and people aint gonna say his album will be classic before even listening to it like they did Kendrick and Cole. Lets just hope Joey makes a dope album and leave it like that, no need to expect a classic or some super over hyped major label backing album. Those kinda albums build up so much hype that the actual rhymes and beats start to not even matter anymore.

  • marty mcfly

    thAnks to Dr Dre…. and media outlet saying…

  • wtf marty

    What are you doing with your life marty? Honestly, I see you commenting on almost every post. Is hip hop your life? If so, that’s sad.