Big K.R.I.T. – Shine On f. Bun B

blame it on Meka February 27, 2013

This is the K.R.I.T. we all know and fucks with. His King Remembered In Time project is coming soon.

  • vendetta6546


  • qewr

    good thing its a mixtape cause hipsters and hip hop heads dont support “real hip hop” or buy albums. see live form the underground

  • ewor

    ^ why would they when there are more important things for them to do like calling rick ross fat and lil wayne gay?

  • chuck

    live from the underground was not a good album.

    everything else hes put out has been great and deserving of money that I bought live from the underground anyway.

  • who cares

    @qewr – If Live From the Underground was of the same quality as ReturnOf4Eva and 4EvaNaDay then I would’ve purchased it, but it wasn’t. It was filled with a bunch of generic southern songs with only a small portion of the album actually feeling like K.R.I.T. music. Fact is I haven’t even listened to Live From the Underground since it was released.

  • Jonesy Stark

    Dope, looking forward to this new project. I thought Live From the Underground was tight. Only knock on it for me was that K.R.I.T. had already made half of the songs on the album before and better on previous albums. All things considered they were still good and in some cases great songs that stood on their own and flowed well together to create a very cohesive yet varied listening experience.

  • Quickstrike

    Bun B killed this #thatisall.

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  • Exhibit C

    Anyone who loved KRITS free mixtapes and then didn’t purchase the album because it wasn’t as good as the mixtapes is a bitch. He gave you 3 album quality mixtapes for free, the least you could do is support his one album.

  • notaCritic

    i liked all of em, some songs werent for me, but they all had atleast 3 fire for sure, each

  • JJ

    @Exhibit C
    I bought the remastered versions of his first 2 free albums. I also bought his album because it was a decent album worth buying.

    This song is growing on me, I love Krits basslines and the rapping is great. Shine on!

  • j

    This is just iight…ima krit fan too

  • who cares

    @Exhibit C – So we’re supposed to purchase lackluster material just because he gave us free music? Why? So it could collect dust and not get played? Fuck out of here. That’s like saying I should still be buying Eminem albums just because he had fantastic records in the past. If the album isn’t worth buying then it isn’t worth buying. Regardless of if the artist gave out 1 free album or 100 free albums. Bitch moves like buying an album just because of the previous music is what makes today’s MCs feel like they can get away with fucking over their core fanbase just to make a quick buck.

  • 2dope4nope

    Word I agree ^ that’s some shit but anyways I’m just looking fwd to that KRIT tape and this is dope!

  • Joseph.A

    I must have been the only that loved Live From The Underground. The features, beats, lyrics and theme of the album, culminated with BB King as well….oooooooooooooh!

    Shine on K.R.I.T

  • tizzlybear

    This track is cool, can’t wait for the K.R.I.T. mixtape.

    To chime in on the subject of the LFTU vs. the previous mixtapes, I don’t think it’s fair to compare the bodies of work. Being that it’s his first body of work put out on retail it was a lot of things he could not do. Mostly them samples he is so awesome at using were too expensive to use on albums. He said he did his best to make the album sound like something that was sampled but of course the results varied.

    As far as his mixtapes he didn’t have to pay for those samples cause he was giving it out for free. Now to all those who feel dope music deserves to be paid, there were plenty of ways to buy physical copies of the mixtapes and/or donate funds to the movement.

    I bought the LFTU album because I liked it but I don’t feel a person should have to buy it if they don’t like it. I supported it cause I want him to continue to make great music and this is the mans job so he deserves to be paid for his talents. Studio time ain’t free and he has been doing double duty as artist/producer so yall getting his music for free, you don’t have to buy the album but if yall want to keep his movement going help fund it.

  • Raiders4Life

    The sample used on this is Billy Paul’s “I See The Light”.